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Why Worldline

Worldline is taking a stand for Canadians. We pledge to save our customers from being overcharged for their Home Phone, Long Distance and Internet services. Worldline is on the side of those who want great service, at the best price in the country, and who don't want to sign a contract to get it.


Worldline is all about being Unlimited! Worldline has the best Internet packages in Canada, all with no monthly data caps. None. Overage charges don't exist because we believe data caps are unfair, unjust and nothing more than a cash grab. Bundle your Unlimited High-Speed Internet with your Home Phone and you'll receive Unlimited Canada wide Long Distance calling for Free. Or try our Call the World service and call unlimited to over 50 countries for a low monthly rate.

No Conrtacts

We work hard every day to keep our customers satisfied, because the only thing keeping them with us is the quality of the services we provide. Unlike the big phone companies, who insist on long-term complicated contracts, Worldline customers have no obligation to stay with us, but they do because we earn their business every single day.

No Credit Check

Buying a Home Phone and or Internet service should not be the same as qualifying for a mortgage with a lender. With Wordline, you can purchase our services without a credit check. Switching is simple with Worldline.

No Kidding

What you see is what you get. No hidden fees. No hidden charges. You can count on the same invoice month in and month out. No overage charges for data, no added fees for call waiting, or call forwarding or long distance calling in Canada. And no contracts means Worldline won't automatically renew your commitment or add costly services you don't want.