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backpacks for kids in DR

A Message from Worldline's CMO

In the Dominican Republic every child may attend school, but it's not free. There is a minimum requirement to be met. Families must provide school uniforms, books and supplies. Unfortunately, many families do not have the resources to provide these items, resulting in their children being kept out of school. Thousands of children have had their potential limited due to a lack of education.

In 2012, "backpacks for kids" was started by a small group of individuals at Worldline. The Dominican Republic is close to our hearts because we operate a 70 seat call centre there. The Fibernetics Contact Centre, located in Puerto Plata, is run by Kitchener native Pete Cross. Because of our combined efforts, over 130 children have been provided with fully packed backpacks, and everything they need to go to school. Their dreams and their parents' dreams have been realized.

We continue to raise money within our company with fundraisers held throughout the year, and all proceeds go towards helping children become students.

For the month of June Worldline will donate $5.00 for each new Home Phone & Internet Bundle sale and $3.00 for every Home Phone sale directly to "backpacks for kids".

In the few years of its existence, "backpacks for kids" has made a remarkable difference. Seeing the smiles on all those children and parents faces has inspired us to do even more.

Thanks to everyone on the Worldline team for their work and energy in building "backpacks for kids" into what it is today.


Johns Stix - CMO Worldline