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FAQ & Support bulletTroubleshooting (Home Phone)

What hardware must I have to use Worldline home phone?

For subscribers of our landline home phone services, all you require is a working phone to use our phone service. Digital phone service subscribers will get an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) in the mail from us to connect your phone(s) into the digital home phone service.

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How do I set up my phone?

Landline subscribers - if you are transferring to a Worldline landline service from an existing landline provider, your phone service will switch over seamlessly on your setup date. If you are transferring to our landline service from a digital phone provider, or did not have a previous phone provider, our technicians will come out and connect your line for you.

Digital phone subscribers - digital phone subscribers will receive our Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) in the mail. Accompanying the ATA are setup instructions - setup only takes a couple minutes and can be easily done by anyone!

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What phone features are available to me? How do I use them?

Landline phone subscribers can download our phone feature guide for a complete list of features and instructions.

Digital phone subscribers will have a feature control panel available shortly, and can call our customer service in the meantime if you wish to have any features re-configured.

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Is my phone compatible with 'Touch Tone' service?

All Worldline home phone lines, both digital and landline, use Touch Tone DTMF. This means your line will be compatible with any automated phone systems that require the use of a Touch Tone phone. If you ever experience troubles with your Touch Tone service, please contact our customer care team .

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I don't think the voice quality of my phone line is as good as it should be, what can I do?

If you ever feel your line is 'poor quality', cuts in and out, has static, or any other quality related issues, please give our customer care team a call. Our lines should sound just as good, if not better, than any other phone company and if they aren't performing up to that standard we will investigate the concern.

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I'm a Worldline Digital Home Phone subscriber, where can I go to update my E911 address if I move?

Please login to our customer care page on to update your E911 information as soon as you move. Please see our 911 service page for more information.

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