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Worldline Introduces Unlimited Ultra High Speed 50Mbps DSL Internet

Canada’s best deal in data just got better with this ultra high speed – ultra high value offer


Cambridge, Ontario - March 25, 2013
Worldline, one of the country’s leading providers of data and voice services, announced today the availability of Unlimited High Speed DSL 50, with download speeds up to 50Mbps and uploads speeds up to 10 Mbps, all with no download cap, for only $59.95/month.

Doubling their previous highest speed offering, the High Speed DSL 50 allows Worldine customers to fully enjoy the benefits that ultra high speed broadband internet provides, and at the lowest price point in the country.

“We hear from our customers almost daily that they need more and more bandwidth to satisfy their increasing needs. Families are simultaneously connecting to the Internet through their smartphones, tablets and laptops, uploading photos, downloading media files, watching movies and holding video chats,” says John Stix, co-founder and CMO of Worldline. “For this new environment Worldline has committed itself to providing our customers with the best, fastest and most reliable online experience possible, all while charging them less than any of our competitors.”

CTO Francisco Dominguez says, “Fibernetics sees this increased consumer usage only escalating. We’re not afraid of it like other ISPs. In fact we are embracing it. We do this by producing value. Not by increasing cost.”

Available in many major markets in Ontario and Quebec on Monday, March 25th, those interested can check if they qualify by visiting Service Check.