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Worldline’s Statement on CRTC’s DSL Ruling of February 21, 2013

One of Canada’s fastest growing CLECs welcomes this game changing decision

Cambridge, Ontario - February 22, 2013
The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) announced Thursday, February 21, it has established a standard billing model to set limits on how much the telecom incumbents may charge independent Internet providers such as Worldline.

Worldline will see “significant reductions” in the wholesale rates they pay as the CRTC ruled their monthly fee of $2,213 for 100 Mbps of capacity is to be cut by more than half to $1,036 per 100 Mbps.

Worldline, a leader in unlimited Internet service, who already offers the best value in the market, welcomes this ruling, and wonders what took the CRTC so long to realize that Canadians have been overcharged for their data for years:

“I feel this is a tremendous win for not only the independent phone and internet companies that deliver DSL service, but for the customer,” said Worldline Co-founder and CMO John Stix. “There is no doubt that this decision tips the scales as up until now cable internet providers have had a distinct advantage over DSL service providers.”

“I can speak for Worldline, that we will be looking to pass along the savings brought forth by this ruling to as many Canadians as possible. Worldline has always stood for creating alternative services with unique value for our customers and we strive everyday to maintain this market leading philosophy.”

Coinciding with this landmark decision, Worldline will soon be announcing how they will pass these savings along to the Canadian marketplace.