We’re Number 1 – Canadians use the Internet more than anyone else – and pay WAY too much for it

Maple_Leaf_(from_roundel)New report released from CIRA in January 2013 looks at the Internet and Canada’s place in it

Canadians rank first in the world when it comes to Internet usage, spending an average of 45 hours per month online. Despite this fact, Canadians still spend more for broadband speed than 19 other countries. These illuminating facts, and more, are included in a new resource from the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) released today.

The 2013.CA Factbook is a compendium of facts and research about the global domain name industry and .CA’s place therein. It also provides a glimpse into the state of the Internet in Canada.

“I believe that Canadians will find the information within the Factbook revealing” said CIRA’s president and CEO Byron Holland. “From the increasing consumption of media content online to the continued growth of .CA, the Factbook provides a snapshot of an Internet landscape in Canada and around the world that is constantly evolving.

Some other facts of note include:

  • 49 per cent of Canadians strongly prefer .CA versus 17 per cent for .COM for business.
  • Canada’s Internet economy accounted for 3 percent of Canada’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP)  in 2012, totalling $49 billion.
  • Per viewer, Canada leads the world in viewing online video.
  • Canada’s top-level domain, is one of the fastest growing TLDs in the world, ranking fourth among its country code top-level domain (ccTLD) counterparts.
  • During the last five years, global registrations for domain names were up 70 per cent to almost 240 million domains online.

So, basically, it`s a good time to be the company that offers the most cost-effective unlimited Internet in the country.

Just saying.

Our “Fair Share” Policy

throttdrgf4gHave you ever heard about bandwidth throttling? Chances are that you have not, but essentially what it is, is the intentional slowing of internet service by an internet service provider.

Why would they do that? To stop certain users of specific Internet services like Peer-to-Peer downloads and Netflix from taking up too much of their bandwidth.

Canada’s Internet Service Providers on the whole are right at the top of the list at throttling:

“An international analysis of how Internet service providers conduct their business has found that Canadian companies like Rogers and Bell rank among the worst in the world for throttling Internet access.

“Nearly all of the major Internet providers are heavy throttlers and Rogers tops them all,” the report reads.

So, you may be asking, what about Worldline? Are we a member of this dastardly gang?

Well, to be frank, yes. But just barely.

Those other guys indiscriminately throttle anyone who is a big bandwidth user.

We don’t. We are extremely choosy, and also only do it at a very specific time of the day.

Here’s the explanation:

Worldline has instituted a “Fair Share Policy” that strives to provide a better Internet experience for everyone. The guidelines within this Policy specifically apply for Peer-to-Peer (P2P) users only.

If you do not use P2P servers or applications, this policy ensures that you have the fastest, most unlimited Internet service possible. That means you can enjoy unencumbered access to services like Netflix, Youtube, Online gaming, Internet Radio, iTunesApple and Microsoft software updates just to name a few.

If you are a P2P user, here is how the Fair Share policy works for you.

Worldline automatically responds to the changing network environment and customer usage patterns in real-time to ensure everyone is getting the fastest speeds possible. During peak times (4:30 P.M. to 2 A.M. EST.), when Netflix and Youtube usage are at their most intense, P2P users may experience slightly extended download or upload times when using P2P file sharing.

The current upload/download rate speeds for P2P file-sharing usage are decreased at the beginning of the peak period with a maximum network P2P traffic allowance set at 150Mbps.

Outside of this peak period, the normal unlimited speeds can be expected for all P2P applications.

So, here are some helpful tips for our P2P customers:

  • Consider running your P2P file sharing application longer to complete your P2P uploading or downloading activities. 
  • Consider using your P2P file sharing applications during the off-peak periods when there is no traffic management.

Worldline is working hard to provide a better Internet experience for all Canadians. Fair Share dynamically modifies policies to balance available bandwidth and resources so valued customers get better Internet service – at all times.

And we have posted this policy right on our website to let everyone know how committed we are to providing the best quality Internet to the maximum number of our customers.

We’re on a Mission

John Stix

John Stix – Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

We’re on a mission, and it’s a big one. We are going to become the leader in telecommunications in Canada.

A lofty goal to be sure, but one we’re fully engaged in because Canadians coast-to-coast have been taken advantage of for far too long.

Why have you been paying so much for long distance or your home phone or Internet all these years? Because the monopolistic enterprises who dominate the marketplace have  the abusive pricing strategies that force everyone to pay too much.

We’re going to end that.

Our pricing structure for home phone and Internet is already the lowest in the country, and we are combining that with a customer service centered strategy, that focuses on you, not us. We have the people, the experience and the expertise to provide you with solutions that measure up to your needs. We recognize that every customer is different. Our mission is to provide voice and data telecommunication solutions that power our customers’ full potential for success.

This strategy is based upon delivering advanced world class technologies in combination with personalized professional service and support solution so that our customers can reach their optimal productivity.

Therefore, we put the pieces together to deliver solutions that fit your unique needs. We recognize the value of your time and that is why we deliver the most responsive and reliable service programs in the industry.

We have assembled an executive and management team that has positioned its family of companies for continued success. A team of professionals dedicated to the development of a rising telecommunications star in Canada with a vision to the future.

For us, teamwork is more than a discipline, it’s our culture. We invest in our people, in mind, body and spirit. Our continuous drive for success makes us progressive, creative, and committed.

The Worldline Blog

First off, hello!

Welcome to the Worldline blog, the best place to keep up to date with the latest from Canada’s least expensive Internet and home phone provider. If you are a Worldline customer, you are already well aware of the quality service we provide and the savings available to you, and if you’re not, maybe this place will help you to decide to become a customer. (At least that’s what we hope it does.)

A little bit about ourselves to start.


Worldline is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2013. The residential service of Fibernetics, one of Canada’s fastest growing and largest telecommunications companies, our success has been a result of a marriage of established technology with propriety internet protocol (IP) systems. Fibernetics is an operating Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) regulated by the CRTC, that has direct connectivity with the fiberoptic networks across Canada.

The history of Fibernetics is an exciting one which mirrors the evolution of next generation telecommunication platforms which are being adopted globally at an unprecedented rate. In 1997, Fibernetics’ founders executed what is believed to be Canada’s very first commercially viable phone to phone communication service utilizing voice over internet protocol (VOIP).

Jody_SchnarrWhat was becoming apparent to Jody Schnarr, CEO of Fibernetics and John Stix, CMO, was that the internet carriage of telephone calls was a global solution to the high cost of long distance calling rates and the abusive pricing strategies of the traditional phone companies.

Today, Fibernetics owns one of Canada’s largest coast-to-coast networks and supports over 300,000 customers daily. Fibernetics has over 200 employees globally with its head office in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada and two international offices located in Sofia, Bulgaria and Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.

worldline_iconFibernetics under its residential Worldline brand has enjoyed incredible growth and supports a very dedicated subscriber base. Worldline delivers Canada’s most inexpensive residential home phone, internet and long distance services; the company never stops searching for innovative solutions to deliver value to Canadian families coast to coast.

home-newtFibernetics, under its business services division, has developed a proprietary digital PBX system, (Private Branch Exchange, which is a private telephone network used within a company), called Newt™, which eliminates the cost of business phone lines for Canadian businesses of all sizes. This phone system is easily integrated into a business’s network and once installed, delivers full PBX functionality normally associated with much more expensive systems. The PBX system is directly connected to the Fibernetics CLEC network which provides scalability, reliability and quality of service. Currently Fibernetics provides service to over 25,000 business extensions in Canada.

So, briefly, that’s us. Over time, we’ll flesh out who we are in gory detail, but in the mean time, welcome to our blog.

We look forward to hearing from you.