Press Release: Worldline Unlimited High Speed Cable Internet


Canadians have been asking Worldline for Cable Internet and we listened

Two Outstanding Unlimited Packages with Speeds up to 45Mbps and our Famous Superhero Support!

CAMBRIDGE, ONTARIO–(10/31/13)- Worldline, Canada’s best value in telecommunication services,  announced today the availability of Unlimited Cable Internet and Unlimited Cable Internet & Digital Home Phone Bundle  for many Ontario households. Cable Internet dramatically increases Worldline’s service footprint providing more access to the insurgent Superhero telco.

Worldline’s products, such as their Home Phone & Unlimited High Speed Internet Bundle starting from $49.95/month, were only available on DSL up until today. With Worldline Unlimited Cable Internet, now even more Canadians can save hundreds of dollars a year on their telecom bills because of Worldline’s fair pricing policy and no data caps.

Worldline CMO and co-founder John Stix said, “We are constantly listening to our customers and they tell us their families rely on the Internet for watching Netflix, gaming, shopping or for downloading at the same time! They demand incredibly fast Internet allowing for unlimited downloads, which is exactly what we provide with DSL. Now, with Cable Internet, we’re adding additional flexibility and choice.”

worldline_logo_307x358“Our DSL services helped build Worldline into the company it is today. Providing this cable option will take us to a new level in our ongoing disruptive campaign to stop Canadians from being overcharged for their telecom services,” he concluded.

“Canadian consumers are demanding faster data speeds, unlimited bandwidth and better video streaming all with an increased level of safety and security, and that is precisely what we are providing with this cable offering,” said Francisco Dominguez, Worldline CTO.

Unlimited Cable Internet Bundle & Digital Home Phone
with Canadian Long Distance         

25Mbps $49.95/month      45Mbps $59.95/month

Worldline’s Unlimited Cable Bundle packages are available with a 2 year term and includes Digital Home Phone with Unlimited Canadian Long Distance for free.  Ontario residents can sign up for Worldline Cable Internet as of today. For service availability, please visit

About Worldline:
Celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2013, Worldline provides affordable home phone, unlimited high speed Internet and long distance services to hard working Canadians. One of the fastest growing telecommunications companies in Canada, Worldline is wholly owned and operated by Fibernetics Corp, a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) servicing over 300,000 Canadians coast-to-coast.  Website: Twitter: @worldlinecanada

About Fibernetics:
Headquartered in Cambridge Ontario, Fibernetics is dedicated to changing the way people communicate by offering telco functionality and pricing that Canadians have never seen before. Fibernetics has its own national infrastructure that delivers a full range of voice and data services for residential customers through Worldline and business clients with their NEWT PBX and ANA solutions. Website: Twitter: @fibernetics


Media Inquires:
John Stix – CMO

Worldline is a scary cool place to work today

Get ready to learn a new number

phone-old-supportThe 519 area code covered southwestern Ontario for 53 years before running out of available numbers reports CTV.

The 226 area code was introduced in 2006 to alleviate that problem.

But both area codes are expected to run out of numbers by September 2015, which has prompted the CRTC to introduce a third three-digit code for the area.

Starting June 4, 2015, 548 will join 519 and 226 as available codes for southwestern Ontario.

The CRTC says people with current 519 and 226 numbers won’t be affected by the addition of 548, which will only apply to new phones.

Area codes 519, 226 and 548 cover the western and southwestern parts of Ontario, including Windsor, London, Owen Sound, Kitchener and Brantford.

Third area codes have already been introduced in the Toronto and Hamilton areas.

As noted earlier, the Worldline call centre will take some heat.

Cambridge is a Great Place to Live & the United Way is Making it Better


Cambridge is a fantastic place to live. Divided neatly in two by the mighty Grand River, it has beautiful neighborhoods and lots of great places to work, (like Worldline for example). Tons of recreation both inside and out, there are also great restaurants, fabulous shopping and due to its central location, easy access to all the great things the rest of Southern Ontario has to offer.

It’s why it’s one of the fastest growing communities in all of Canada.

Yet Cambridge, despite all those positives, also has a shocking number of its population living in poverty.

One in eight children fall into that category.

That’s why organizations like The United Way of Cambridge and North Dumfries are so important to the community. They set a very aggressive $2.3-million fundraising goal for 2013 and local residents and businesses are getting behind their all-important mission. There are 24 separate local agencies who rely on money raised during the annual campaign, collectively helping one-in-three members of the Cambridge community.


United Way Volunteers with Worldline President Roy Graydon

Worldline is working with the United Way and its partner agencies, like the Food Bank, with a number of fundraising campaigns. This morning we had a company breakfast featuring two United Way workers who were explaining the importance of their organization to Cambridge as a whole.

Alex Lourenco is on a three-month “loan” to the United Way from her regular job working on the floor at Walker Exhaust (which is a very cool thing for them to do by the way). She explained how all money raised is directed to the United Way’s three priorities:

All That Kids Can Be
Poverty To Possibility &
Healthy People, Strong Communities

Alex was followed by Divya Handa, who emigrated from Kenya thirteen years ago, and after very tough childhood, is a recent Honours BA graduate and is currently working on a Masters degree – all with the help of various United Way programs and agancies.

Each of our communities has disadvantaged or underprivileged people living in them. They are all our neighbors and each one of them can benefit from the United Way. Please log onto and see how you can help in your community.

A special thanks from Worldline president, Roy Graydon

Hi there,

First off, on behalf of all of us here at Worldline, I wish to pass along our sincerest appreciation for your continued patronage. It is because of valued customers like you that we are able to provide our telecom services to so many Canadians, and it’s something we never forget.

That is why I’m writing you today. I feel you deserve a thorough explanation for the interruption of service that occurred on Friday afternoon and went on into Saturday.

On October 18th at 12:24 p.m., a number of fibre optic cables were accidentally cut by a piece of construction equipment drilling across the street from one of our primary data centres in Toronto.

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 6.20.38 PMThis cut impacted us and hundreds of other companies who rely on this location for critical services, and, as you can see from the map, the range of the interruption was extensive.

By 2 p.m. our staff arrived on site to discern what had happened and to assist in the repair. Due to the extensive damage and the large number of repairs required, services were not all restored as quickly as we would have liked.

By 5 a.m. on Saturday, services in Kitchener/Waterloo, Sarnia, and Windsor were restored and all were gradually restored over a 28-hour period.

This was an unprecedented event, and we are committed to learn from it and will be implementing several strategies to avoid the severity of this impact in the future.

While we strive for 100% up-time when it comes to our network, there are those rare occasions, like when a drilling rig cuts a cable, that there will be interruptions. The best way for you to be kept apprised of what is going on at Worldline is to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, (and not just for service updates, but for things like product information and contests as well).

I hope this helps you understand  the rarity and complexity of last week’s problem and again, we appreciate your business and continued patronage.


Roy Graydon
President – Worldline