Yes You Can!


Do you know the No.1 reason why Canadians are sticking with telecom companies like Rogers and Bell, despite knowing they are getting gouged for their Internet and home phone?

Because they don’t think they can switch.

Honest. That’s No.1. The Big Three’s near monopoly is so complete that Canadians coast-to-coast believe they have no where else to turn when it comes to their voice and data. The think they just have to take it- and that’s why if you ask a typical Canadian “which company do you hate the most?”, they’ll most likely answer Bell, Rogers or Telus.

That’s why we’re introducing the Yes You Can! campaign to let as many fine folks as possible know that they do have another place to go, and one that can save them hundreds of dollars a year.

Here’s a quick case study. A Worldline customer in Cambridge, (which is also where our head office is located), was with Rogers for years and years. His monthly bill, which included Internet, home phone, cable TV and two mobile phones averaged more than $500/month. $6000 a year to Rogers? Yikes!

$60/month of that was from his home phone. Internet, because he was a big data guy and Rogers had his data capped at 60 GB/month, averaged about $100/month.

He found out about Worldline just this week after seeing one of our ads on a local bus. He called us up switched to our Unlimited Highspeed Internet and Home Phone Cable Bundle for $54.95/month. He now has unlimited data, (at a faster speed than he was getting with Rogers) a fully featured phone and free Canadian long distance. And just by switching to us, he’s saving more than $1200/year.

It’s kind of embarrassing really as this guy lives in Cambridge and hadn’t heard of us, the regions biggest voice and data service provider, but that’s the reality we face.

People have no idea they have options – like Worldline. So look for our new ads and make sure you help spread the word to your friends and family, because we’ve got to get the word out that they can switch. Tell them, “yes you can.”

And the winner is…

IMG_2276The 2nd Annual Fibernetics Grow-Op is over and we have a winner! Winners actually. The “Two Blondes” Megan and Laurie combined to grow their Tomato plants, which they named “Tom”, to an extraordinary height and health, but what put them over the top was their presentation. The bow tie sealed the deal apparently.

Of course their selection wasn’t without controversy as there were quiet complaints that the competition was “rigged”, and how having the best decorated pot “wasn’t in the rules,” and how next year they would “just go to a garden centre and buy a full grown plant” because “that’s not in the rules either!”

In other words, the folks around here take this competition stuff seriously. Despite the apparent need for a lawyer vetted rule book, all in all the Grow-Op was an unqualified success and now we have two full vegetable gardens planted and, if the rabbits and the deer don’t get them, a crop of beans, onions, tomatoes, peppers and lettuce will be available all summer long for everyone here to munch on.

So, congrats to Laurie and Megan on a job well done. And of course Tom – the real star of the show.

We get letters… Customer Service Saves the Day

ivgdsKm1ASe8At Worldline we are dedicated to ensuring that every one of our installations goes absolutely perfectly. But sometimes, despite all of our combined efforts, they don’t. It’s the nature of the business as Canadian telecommunications infrastructure is, by it’s very nature, far too complicated.

When, on the very rare occasions things do go wrong, we do everything and anything we possibly can to make it right. And when that happens we love to get letters like the following from long-time Worldline customer Michael. He had a bad install experience when he switched to a bigger pipe, but in the end, after a lot of work from our Worldline team, he’s back to being a happy and loyal customer.

Here’s the letter he sent to Jody Schnarr, our President and CEO, this morning.


My name is Michael

My family and I have been Worldline customers for more than three years now. In the past year we have added numerous cellular devices, tablets and notebooks for expanding our family’s’ communications portability in our household.

After complaints from the female family members that our Worldline service had dead spots in certain areas of our home, I contacted Worldline Tech Support to see if anything new might improve our service coverage throughout the house.

They recommended switching from DSL to a cable modem setup, which seemed a reasonable upgrade at marginally more expense per month.

I proceeded with the upgrade, the replacement modem was received by my wife, a Rogers Tech activated the cable required for this service within a few days later, then I swapped from DSL to the new cable setup, for both the home phone and internet service.

After cutting in the new modem with phone adapter box, all hell broke loose. Almost nothing worked properly.

I won’t bore you with reams of information regarding our numerous problems….

QuoteIn summary, through countless hours of perseverance, dedication, availability in the evenings, knowledge and tenacity to see my problems through to a satisfactory workable resolution.

Your Worldline Tech Support group saved me to continue as a customer.

I sincerely appreciate the dedication of Sami, who resolved our nonfunctioning e-mails and got all of our Outlooks working again, (and others) who worked with me to identify the defective modem, get it replaced in a timely manner and follow up to reconfigure the replacement modem and phone ensuring services were restored.

There are few other ISPs that I have been with that would offer the support that your Worldline Tech Support group has.

I have been with both Bell and Rogers and will never go back to either because of poor service, poor value for money and impersonal and unavailable tech support.

Please offer my sincerest thanks to the individuals mentioned above from your Tech Support group.

You have a quality organization that needs to be nurtured to continue to offer customers their high quality knowledge and experience to continue to resolve tough issues (like mine).

Your Techs definitely are value for money to the Worldline organization and to its future.

Sincerest Regards and Thanks,


Are we happy Mike and his family are back up and running? You betcha. But are we satisfied? Not in the least. We learn from each and every one of these situations and improve our processes so situations like Mike’s become even rarer still.


Thanks Sami

And finally, thanks to Sami, and the other members of our customer service team for their hard work on this case. Great letter eh?

We’re Hiring: VP Of Residential Sales And Marketing

Worldline is all about servicing Canadian residential customers and the suite of services we provide, like Unlimited High Speed Internet and Digital Home Phone packages are the best value in the country.The only problem is, not enough people know about Worldline. This is why we are looking for someone with serious marketing chops to fill this role for us because, if there is one thing that drives us nuts around here, it’s the fact that for far too long Canadians have been ripped off by the Big Three, and Worldline is the perfect answer for them – yet they don’t know it.

Who We Need

Fibernetics is a fast growing and profitable company and is shaking Canadian telecom by its roots. We are in direct competition with the “Big Three” and to take them on, we need nothing short of a revolutionary who is chomping at the bit to run an insurgent campaign. That’s our new VP of Residential Sales and Marketing.

We need a doer over a talker, a mentor over a manager. Our talented marketing team needs a leader we can trust and be accountable to drive residential growth and revenue generation through effective and results-oriented marketing campaigns. Living for KPI’s our new VP sets aggressive goals, exceeds them and then raises the bar even more.

Our new VP is responsible for developing marketing strategy, does the planning and manages the campaign execution. A team player, our new VP will support sales and guide customer conversion efforts. Our new VP will come up with innovative ways to engage and educate new and existing Fibernetics’ customers on all our services and products while further establishing the Fibernetics’ residential brand.  Our new VP is seriously creative, gets public relations and embraces both quantitative and field marketing.  Reporting to the CMO, our new VP will thrive in our fast-paced, collaborative environment and wants to make a difference. If that’s you, you are our new VP of Residential Sales and Marketing


  • You’ll handle all marketing communications
  • You’ll be in charge of distribution and channel management
  • You will set out price modeling, and lead the team in market research
  • You are passionate about developing innovative marketing strategies and plans to drive sales efforts, including upgrading existing customers on new products and services
  • You will work with the team on digital marketing strategies
  • You will interface with Fibernetics Contact Centers and head up sales training for agents
  • You’ll also be responsible for media buying


  • You have a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or Business with 7 years of combined sales & marketing experience
  • You are a Salesforce guru
  • You are a collaborative leader with superior interpersonal relationship skills
  • As a true visionary, you are creative with a passion for challenging the status quo
  • You have significant experience in media and/or technology marketing in the telecommunications industry
  • You have superior business sense, problem solving, project management and analytical skills
  • You are proud of your proven track record of results
  • You are an example to others when it comes to demonstrated accountability for achieving individual and shared goals

Who We Are

Fibernetics is a company that delivers happiness and connections everyday by being awesome. As one of Canada’s largest telecommunications companies with a national network infrastructure, our team of friendly, hardworking and ambitious people are dedicated to fundamentally changing telecom by providing high-quality, affordable data and communication services. Fibernetics is beyond telecom.   

At Fibernetics, we believe that happy employees are effective and productive employees. We work as hard as we play, and our team enjoys a professional yet casual work environment. Our culture is one that cultivates creativity and freedom of thought with a true emphasis on personal well-being. At Fibernetics we nurture entrepreneurship, innovation, teamwork and collaboration and embrace a “just do it” attitude in finding solutions. 

If you think you have what it takes to be our VP of Residential Sales and Marketing, please forward resume and cover letter to

Lack of Competition Costs Canadians $1-billion/yr

The Canadian Press reported last week that the competition watchdog made the claim in a submission to the federal regulator, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, which is reviewing whether to increase regulation in the wholesale sector and has public hearings scheduled for September.

The regulations would effect what the large wireless companies — Rogers, Bell and Telus — can charge small players for the use of towers and roaming fees.

In the submission released Thursday, the Competition Bureau said one study into the issue suggests Canadians could benefit from greater competition and that large established wireless operators are realizing above-normal returns on investments because of their market dominance.

The bureau says the three largest wireless companies, which together have about 90 per cent of Canada’s cellphone market, have the power to maintain prices above competitive levels for a significant period of time.

“The bureau estimates that increased retail competition from an additional nationwide mobile wireless carrier could result in gains of approximately $1 billion per year to the Canadian economy in the form of better product choices, price reductions and other benefits to customers,” it said.

This backs up the landmark study released by the CBC using data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) that compared the cost of cell phone use in Canada to that of 19 other countries. They found that in Canada a mid-range cell phone package costs an average of $572.86 US per year, which is almost $175 more than the average.


The $1 billion figure comes from a previously-commissioned report from the Brattle Group, which estimated a fourth national carrier would expand mobile wireless usage in Canada and drive down incumbents’ average retail prices by about two per cent.

Rogers’ senior vice-president of regulatory affairs, Ken Engelhart, dismissed the submission as “misguided” and “speculative,” since the report deals with potential savings from added competition.

Is it misguided to pursue a policy that would save Canadians hundreds of dollars a year? If you are one of the Big Three, the answer is an obvious yes. But for the rest of us? Not so much.

wl_save_internetAll Canadians want is a fair shake, and the solution is simple as it has been done before with telecoms, resulting in companies like Worldline providing Unlimited High Speed Internet at hundreds of dollars a year less than the Big Three are capable of charging.

The Competition Bureau is recommending that the CRTC establish additional regulatory measures “if and when they are needed to ensure that new entrants have access to the wholesale services they need to compete effectively.”

Sounds like a plan.