backpacks for kids is back – and bigger than ever!

In June of 2013 Worldline’s president, John Stix, named “backpacks for kids” our official charity. “backpacks for kids” started humbly enough. John, and Peter Cross, who runs the Fibernetics Contact Centre in Dominican Republic, made a very surprising discovery. In the Dominican Republic every child may attend school, however there is a minimum requirement to be met; the family must supply a school uniform, books and supplies. Unfortunately, many families do not have the necessary resources meaning their children are kept out of school. The end result is, thousands of DR kids are having their futures compromised because of a lack of education.

John and Pete decided to do something about it. They would buy a whole bunch of backpacks and school supplies and give them to the kids who needed them. It started off small enough, with just a handful of kids taken care of, but over the next several years, more and more kids were provided for. Last year, when it became our official charity, (You can check out last year’s slide show HERE), the total number of kids they had helped over the years stood at 130.

This year – they almost surpassed that total tally, providing an amazing 120 kids with all they need to get educated.

It was a team effort. For the month of June Worldline donated $5.00 for each new Bundle sale and $3.00 for every home phone sale directly to the charity. Fibernetics staff held a number of fundraisers as well.

John is thrilled. “Thanks to everyone on the Worldline team for their work and energy for helping build “backpacks for kids” into what it is today.”

backpacks for kids is growing every year and with a clear purpose, defined by the quote from Nelson Mandela that Pete had printed on the back of the event’s t-shirt:

Pete and his daughter Zoe gearing up

Corporate Culture shift – Worldline’s People are “In!”

Just under two months ago, Fibernetics, the parent company of Worldline held the “I’m in!” corporate culture event. Company president, John Stix initiated the event and its associated company changes because, to him, the culture at Fibernetics was “pretty good”, but that wasn’t good enough. He wants Fibernetics to be GREAT! To get us there the staff’s collective working culture needed an energy injection as well as having a clearly defined and easy to understand company purpose. Here’s what John, and the management team came up with:

We strive to deliver happiness and connections everyday by being awesome.

They also defined Fibernetics’ core values:

  • Innovation – disrupting and challenging the status quo while having an entrepreneurial spirit by taking risks and dreaming big.
  • Accountability – taking responsibility for our own actions while understanding the impact on the organization.
  • Just do it and find the solution – taking initiative with a game plan for solutions.
  • Trust – building trust through transparency and open, honest communications.
  • Teamwork – working well with others while respecting values and differences.
  • Happiness – honouring satisfaction and well-being :)

Simple, straightforward, easy to understand. The resultant change? There is a palpable bump in the spirit around the office. Happiness is up. Engagement is up, and not coincidentally, so are sales for Worldline, and for NEWT, the business services division, as well.

John has taken on the ongoing role of leading the “I’m in!” initiative because improving culture is not a one-day event, it’s an everyday process. His end goal is simple: For Worldline, and other Fibernetics telecom products and services, to set the new standard for telecom customer service and satisfaction in the country.

He is also taking his vision for “I’m in!” beyond Fibernetics. Already he is mentoring start-ups at Communitech, and is branching out with helping other area companies improve their culture, improve overall happiness and employee engagement.

Stay tuned for updates.

Worldline goes to Cottage Country

MuskokaFor years, those from the Centre of the Universe have been making the dreaded 400 Hwy drive every Friday night to hit their Muskoka cottage have always had to deal with another sad reality.

When it came to their cottage phone and Internet most were stuck with having to deal with only one provider, sometimes two. But both are members of “The Big Three”  – meaning both are seriously expensive.

Canada’s Best Value ISP is up and running in Cottage Country

Now, their long Internet nightmare is over, because Worldline, your friendly neighborhood superhero Telco is there to save the day! At the start of August, Worldline began offering full service availability to Huntsville, Port Carling, Bracebridge, Sundridge, Lake of Bays, Algonquin and all places in between. No longer having to suffer the of ignominy of just having to take it, now the weekend warriors and local denizens can, finally, start saving hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars a year on their telecom bills.

The Worldline saves our customers money is, unlike other ISP’s that shall remain nameless, starting from just $29.95/month all of our Internet packages offer Unlimited High Speed Internet at zero additional cost. To go unlimited with the current providers in the Muskoka region, cottagers have to pay a premium for the privilege, and anyone who has kids and knows what it’s like to have a cottage packed with them on a rainy afternoon, unlimited Internet is the only way to go – or risk insanity.

DSLNo more problems with data caps when it comes to Netflix or online gaming, and if you opt for adding on a home phone, our Unlimited Home Phone and Internet Bundles (starting from just $49.95/month) allow for unlimited Canadian long distance calling. No more killer phone bills from calling back home or catching up with friends and family over the summer. And if you want to add a second line just for the kids or a fax, you can from only $2.45/month.

The reason so many Canadians can afford to own a cottage is they are good with their money. Now Worldline allows those in cottage country to be good with their money both home and away.

For more information, please visit or give us a call at 1 (855) 299-0025.

Worldline’s Record Smashing Summer Continues

worldline-superhero-summer-savingsOn June 9th we introduced our Superhero Summer Savings dealio, with the hopes it would jack up sales over what is usually a down time in the telecom industry. With everyone going on vacation over the 8-12 weeks of heat we (usually) get, our new customer counts remain steady, but slower than the rest of the year.

This summer however, things have gone a wee bit differently. June was a record month for sales for Worldline, by a lot. Despite missing the first week of the month before introducing our special, overall we added 25% more Unlimited High Speed Internet and Unlimited High Speed Internet and Home Phone Bundle customers for the month than we averaged over the first five months of the year.

In July, we really rocked it essentially doubling the usual number of customers. As in a 100% increase over our what was our old monthly average. What about August you ask? Only a week in and we’re on pace to top even that!

Unlimited DSL InternetTo say we’re happy about this is an understatement, but we shouldn’t be all that surprised really. All we did was finally give Canadians what they wanted; straightforward pricing. No added fees, no confusing add-ons to the monthly invoice. Basically it’s what you see is what you get with the first invoice looking just like the next one. Simple.

The only thing we feel bad about? We didn’t do it sooner.

So welcome to all our new Worldine customers. We work hard everyday to be your friendly, neighborhood ISP and our fair pricing policy is just the start.

What does the Worldline “Wall garden” mean to you?

The answer? Nothing… if you are like 99.9999% of our Worldline Internet customers that is. But on very rare occasions, there are a select few who get the dreaded “wall garden.” So – what is it exactly?

It’s this:


The Wall garden is what appears on our customers browsers when they are so severely past due on their account, we’re about to cancel their service.

Worldline, as the best priced ISP in Canada, depend on our customers keeping up with their payments to ensure that we can keep our prices as low as possible. We run a lean ship and that’s what allows us to charge so little for our data and voice services and the last thing we want to do is to hire a team of collection people to spend all day on the phone trying to get in touch with folks who are way behind on their payments. 

Instead, for those who are overly maturing their bills, we reach out to them via e-mail. The first one is a friendly reminder that goes out at 11 days past their payment due. If we receive no payment, they get another message 36 days past due. Then on the day 43, we give our customers a notice of suspension. They have two days to pay us or… it’s wall garden time – our measure of last resort.

We hate to do it, but on supremely rare occasions, it’s the only way to let our customers know that they are in serious trouble of losing their service.

Wall gardens have become a more prevalent tool with ISP’s these days. One of the big three (who shall remain nameless – but their name does start win an “R”) use them to let their customers know they’ve exceeded their data caps. (We don’t do that of course, because we have no data caps.) They also send them out to customers who are choosing to leave them in a last gasp effort to make them stay by giving them special offers etc. We don’t do that either because, well, it’s kinda creepy really.

For us, it’s a way to inexpensively and automatically remind our customers that their account is in serious jeopardy and they should act as soon as possible, and, it’s working.

We know that sometimes in everyone’s lives, stuff happens that is beyond their control and they fall behind. We understand that. However, we need to ensure and maintain a regular payment schedule for us to continue to be the best deal in telecom in Canada.