Making Connections: We want you to forget about what we do!

Leigh_SabourinRecently we asked a number of people at Worldline if they could spell out what they do in their daily working lives to make our customer’s experience with us just a little bit better. One of the more interesting pieces we received came for Leigh Sabourin, our purchasing and logistics manager.

She and her team are responsible for all the equipment that both Worldline, and NEWT, our business services division, provide to customers. That makes her the pointy end of the spear for us when it comes to ensuring our customers are getting what they are paying for, and as she puts it:

We want you to forget about what we do!

Our goal is for customers to plug in their new hardware and forget about it!  Customer peace of mind is what we bring, the ability to plug your gear in and not think of it again.  Reliability .  Consistency.

Each piece of hardware is personally handled by one of our staff.

Modems are individually configured, tested and prepared for FedEx shipping to our customers.

Phones are provisioned, registered and carefully packaged for delivery to their new homes. Part of how we can keep customer costs low is by offering high quality refurbished equipment.  Hardware goes through vigorous testing prior to being approved for deployment on Fibernetics diverse network.  We offer refurbished equipment to all channels of Fibernetics business, to the delight of our customers and their bank accounts.

We strive daily to hit tight target timelines and support all of Fibernetics customers by providing them a quality product they can count on.

And forget about.

Leigh, and some of her logistics team

It’s an interesting take, and a valid one. Having a consistent, reliable nuisance free product delivered to our customers is the ideal for a service provider. The greatest customer experience that Worldline could possibly provide would be essentially having our customers forget about us. Except on invoice day of course :-)

Worldline Golf Tournament, or it’s Jody’s world and we’re just living in it

Worldline’s annual golf tourney went off without a hitch, despite the blustery weather. Special thanks to Amanda for organizing the tournament, and to CEO Jody Schnarr for stealing the show.

The Truth about Worldline’s Cancellation Fees

Just part of what we do here

Just part of what we do here

A new customer of ours asked a question on our Facebook Page this morning and I thought it deserved a more thorough explanation than the one I gave him there.

His question was:

Hi!! My family just ordered DSL yesterday, and I read few reviews online. One person say that there is cancellation fee if you cancel in one year. Is this true?? I couldn’t find any information online or sales rep didn’t mention it at all.

That’s a very good question, and the answer is simple. The reason our customer service rep didn’t mention anything about Worldline cancellation fees is, we don’t have any – unless of course, you want to have one.

See? Told you it would require a longer explanation. Our new Worldline customer up there has no cancellation fees for his DSL service at all. All we ask for is 30 days notice for a cancellation. The same thing goes for all of our products and services, be they our DSL Unlimited Internet and Digital Home Phone Bundle, our long distance services etc.

Except for our cable Internet service. We offer our customers the option to have a two year contract. It’s not mandatory, it’s an option and the reason so many of our cable customers are going for it is, with a two year term, that kind of guaranteed revenue allows us to lower what we charge to the bare minimum, while ensuring a profit. Signing up for a contract saves our cable customers an additional $10/month off an already industry low monthly fee. It’s good for them, and good for us.

Why doesn’t Worldline have mandatory contracts?

Our no mandatory contract policy works for us principally because we trust our customers to stay with us due to three things: First, the services we provide, second our pricing and third, and most importantly for us here, how we care for our customers.

We work day in and day out to ensure that once we have a customer, we keep them as our customer. We look at it like this; we’re all in this together. Worldline, though it has 200 employees and offices on a couple of continents, we are still relatively small player in the industry and we are taking on Big Telecom head on for our customers. Since our inception over a decade ago that’s what we’ve been all about – helping Canadians get a better deal on their telecom, and being all nice about it while we do it.

Culture Presentation.029It’s a big part of our culture. The folks at Worldine understand what we’re all about. They are happy to provide Worldline services to our customers. They are enthused and pretty much evangelical about what we do here. To put it simple, Worldline folks are “In!” and strive everyday to make our customers as happy as possible by connecting them to one of our services.

We’re “In!” because we know we’re not trying to pull a fast one on anyone. A perfect example of which is, unlike some other telecoms we know, we have no hidden cancellation fees.

Thanks for the question, and welcome to Worldline. I think you’re going to like it here.

Data Caps Mess with Both Netflix & Online Gaming

It’s the typical Canadian story. An average family guy with two gaming kids and and a Netflix addiction discovers just how nasty Internet data caps can be. But this isn’t just happening in a cartoon. It’s real life.

A perfect example of this is a case study we did on a fella named Rick and his son Max. By switching to Worldline Unlimited Internet, Rick saved himself $2544 a year.

DSLThat is, as we say, real money.

The Big Three believe they have a captive market when it comes to providing Internet service, but as time goes by, more and more Canadians are discovering that they have an option, they can switch, and switching is easy.

Especially when saving thousands of dollars a year is the end result.

Do you have a Data Cap story you’d like to share?

Worldline’s Mike Brown’s Very Close Shave For Breast Cancer

Mike Brown – one of our co-founders – was blown away by how well Worldline sales were going in August, and stated, out loud, that if we passed a certain number, basically 2/12 times our average sales number, he’d shave his head….


We had a draw for the privilege of taking him “down to the wood” as they say in barber terms, and Mike raised $555 for Breast Cancer research.

Looking…. good.