5% of Canadians Cut the Cable over the past year

netflix-logoAccording to the Huffington Post, Canadians aren’t using scissors to cut their cable TV subscriptions, they’re using weed whackers.

The news portal reports that between Shaw and Rogers, they’ve lost nearly 200,000 cable subscribers in the past year.

Rogers’ latest quarterly report, released this week, showed the company lost 111,000 TV subscriptions over the past year, or about 5 per cent of their TV customers.

Shaw lost 82,000 over nearly the same period, or 4 per cent of their total. Its satellite TV service, Shaw Direct, lost 6,600 customers. If Rogers’ and Shaw’s experience is typical, this would suggest nearly one in 20 Canadian households ditched cable TV over the past year.

Both companies managed to offset some of the loss with gains in internet subscribers. Rogers gained 51,000 new internet subscribers, while Shaw saw 71,000 more “standalone” internet customers, meaning internet but no cable.

The new earnings reports illustrate the impact of the cord-cutting phenomenon. The CRTC, Canada’s telecom watchdog, said earlier this year that 2013 marked the first time total cable subscriptions in Canada declined.

Broadband Internet is the inevitable choice for Canadians, as they are getting their video entertainment elsewhere, instead of from traditional television providers. As these kind of “over the top” services become more and more available, Canadians are going to be spending more on their Internet, as artificial bandwidth caps have been introduced by all the major telecom players as compensation for lost business.

Worldline is benefiting from this trend as more and more Canadians are discovering that they can have unlimited high speed Internet at a lower cost than even the base plans from the big three.

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We’re Hiring: Worldline Culture Administrative Assistant


Who wouldn’t want to work for this woman?

If you know anything about Worldline, you know that we are heavily in to our culture. We know that having a happy, engaged workforce, and having a fun place to work leads to more productivity and more importantly, better customer service.

A company mandate, we work on improving our culture the same way we work on improving our operations, our solidifying our finances, or strengthen our network; it’s a key to our ongoing success.

Our president, John Stix, is the chief advocate for our internal I’m in! “cultural revolution” but his partner in crime is Amanda Little, who was our Head of Human Resources and is now our Head of Human Culture.

Amanda is perfect as she brings a ton of enthusiasm and a sense of fun to the role, along with her years of HR experience. Now she’s looking to add to her team:

Human Culture

Your invitation

At Fibernetics, our purpose is to deliver happiness and connections every day by being awesome.  This is the company’s calling and if you believe this could be your calling too, we want to hear from you!

We are inviting an awesome administrative assistant to join our human culture team to contribute to delivering happiness and connections every day.  The unique tasks that you will take pride in accomplishing are listed below.

 Ways you Contribute

  • You will learn what it is like to work inside of a growing company and the best ways to support the people who work at Fibernetics
  • You assist the human culture department by handling all administrative tasks
  • You will learn the various systems and programs in place at Fibernetics
  • You like to plan events and engage staff to participate and attend
  • You will be responsible for tracking time and attendance for employees at Fibernetics into the HRIS system
  • You will sit on the Health and Safety committee and participate in monthly meetings and inspections
  • You will create and maintain the new hire documents for Fibernetics employees
  • You will help keep personnel files organized and complete
  • You will sort and organize incoming resumes, and complete prescreening interviews before booking face to face interviews for hiring managers
  • You will also be willing to help with many other areas within human culture as assigned

What Makes You Awesome

  • You have excellent communication skills and enjoy working with people
  • You either have or are working to earning your Bachelors Degree in a related field
  • Your goal is to gain work experience towards obtaining your CHRP
  • You have a great attention to detail and high accuracy with data entry
  • You like to organize, anything
  • You believe in Fibernetics’ purpose and values

Write to careers@fibernetics.ca to let us know how you can contribute, what makes you awesome and why you want to be “in”.  We look forward to hearing from you!

AP: How foreign online streaming will upset Bell and Rogers apple carts

With last week’s announcement from both HBO and CBS that they are going to offer their content online for a monthly subscription, the Television and cable industry are about to change in the U.S. And, according to this report, Canada will not be far behind.

HBO is Coming

HBO is Coming

(From the AP) Canadians who want to view specialty channels and watch their favourite shows must go through their cable providers, like Bell and Rogers.

But some industry experts say that may change. They suggest that Canadians will inevitably have access to American content streamed online when online streaming becomes the norm and more and more people abandon their cable providers.

It’s already happening south of the border. Last week, HBO announced that it will allow Americans to stream its programming online next year without having to subscribe to the cable channel.

While HBO won’t be streaming its service into Canada, at least not yet, the experts say the pressure from the public and from some content providers to allow more streamed foreign content is bound to grow. And that could mean that Bell and Rogers may eventually be relegated to essentially providing the “pipe” —  or the actual cables, connecting to households that facilitate internet or wireless service.

“[Rogers] controls the pipe as does Bell. They will come to the realization, that’s their model, forget about content, and all this other nonsense, they don’t really have anything of propriety there to offer,” said Fred Lazar, an economics professor at York University’s Schulich School of Business. “Focus on the pipe, control that, and essentially increase the rates charged there as people start migrating.”

Companies like Netflix, which provide quick online streaming access to films and TV shows and cater to binge viewers, have roared to success, putting the future of cable in jeopardy. (Paul Sakuma/Associated Press)

“What [Bell and Rogers are] going to do is try and slow the migration as much as possible and try and better position themselves through different types of pricing to take advantage of the inevitable migration [from cable to online],” he said.

In a sense, cable companies were the Netflix of their time, Lazar said, mostly providing cable subscribers programming (much of it American) that had been created by others, while also supplying a healthy dose of Canadian content.

But then the internet came along, providing a more direct distribution forum for content that allowed customers to pick and choose what they wished to view. Companies like Netflix, which provided quick online streaming access to films and TV shows and catered to binge viewers, roared to success, putting the future of cable in jeopardy.

Read the Full article here


Danny Castillo: Level 3′s Superhero Recognition Award

Mike Champagne has been with Worldline on our Level Three Support Team for almost four years. His primary function is working with our customers ensuring they are receiving the service they are paying for – which is a huge responsibility and he does it very well. Above and beyond actually.


He also works with our support staff in the Fibernetics Contact Centre (FCC). Our call centre staff’s main job is to handle calls from new and potential customers, not technical support. However they do handle many of those calls, and escalate them to our Level 2 and Level 3 teams if they are beyond the standard technical issues. Mike and his teammates have taken on the task of training our FCC people to improve their technical skill set – and therefore our overall customer service. Working with the support staff, Mike came up with a cool way to recognize individuals at the FCC who are going above and beyond as well.

Introducing the Level 3`s Superhero Recognition Award

Here at Worldline, we are constantly working on improving our service and customer interaction. One of the things we look at is how hard our customer service representatives are working to make any call a customer makes to us a positive experience.

We are very proud of how far our customer service has come and are VERY excited with the growth and direction they are going. Today, we would like to recognize one of our wonderful colleagues.


We would like to introduce you all to Danny Castillo. Danny works in our Fibernetics Contact Centre and covers a wide array of questions and technical issues our customers may be having, and welcomes any and all questions they may have.

Danny is always happy to help someone and is happy that he is especially happy when he is able to help a customer solve their problems and answer their questions.

When I say he is happy to help, I am understating his attitude by a long shot. He is at his happiest when at the end of a conversation, he knows they are hanging up the phone with every one of their question answered, every issue dealt with, that the customer aware of every feature and promotion that could benefit them. Conversely, what he doesn’t like is when a questions or issue bottlenecks and he is unable to get things done right away. That’s why he is working hard at getting better every day to ensure Worldline customers have the best experience in Canadian telecom.

Danny genuinely cares about each and every Worldline subscriber and wants to make sure that they are happy with not only our service, but their experience when they call into our contact center . When I speak with our Quality Assurance team, not a single person could think of a negative thing to say about the work that Danny does. However each person was quick to give recognition to how hard he works and how much he cares about making Worldline’s MVP’s, our customers, feel happy.

So I’m happy to award the very first Level 3`s Superhero Recognition Award to Danny Castillo. Thanks for all your hard work Danny. Well done, and behalf of everyone at Worldline, congratulations!

Mike Champagne – Level III Bilingual Escalation Specialist

Danny Castillo