Worldline Christmas Party: Who is that man in the red jacket?

Last year it was the girl in the blue dress. This year it’s about CEO Jody Schnarr’s Superman’s cape red jacket he picked up on a recent business trip to Hong Kong.

William Cid: Worldline Level 3′s Superhero Award

William Cid

Our Level 3 Support team are a group of dedicated tech support specialists working out of our Cambridge, Ontario head office. They work daily with our customer support crew working at the Fibernetics Call Centre with a common goal, to provide Worldline customers the best care and service in the industry. Period.

Earlier this year they initiated a new program called the Level 3 Superhero Award to recognize outstanding contributions from support staff. Marlen Garcia was November’s recipient and now it’s time to announce the latest winner.

From the Level 3 Team:

At Worldline we are constantly working to improve our service and how we interact with our customer interaction. A key to that is focusing on how our customer service representatives are working to make any call you make to us a positive experience.

It’s all about the training and we are very proud of how our customer service team are functioning as a group, their continued growth and the direction they are going in. Today, we would like to recognize one of our wonderful colleagues who is responsible for helping maintain this high level of customer care.

William Cid has been with us since 2007 and his efforts have been invaluable in our day to day efforts to provide our customers with the best quality service possible. William is a total team player and is constantly seeking to help everyone he works with.

This is what Williams manager had to say:

He is a good team player, works well with others and always willing to cooperate and help. Communication is one of his strengths which he applies a lot on a day to day basis. He is very positive, energetic and a good listener. No matter how busy and tough the day can be, he always smiles and motivates his teammates and make sure that he gets the job done correctly and efficiently.”

·      David Desir, FCC assistant manager

William is someone who not only says our Company mantra, but he also walks the walk and means it when he says “I’m in”.

At Worldline Pictures Are Worth 1000 Words

That's George, on the left

That’s George, on the left

George Mihutiu does an awesome job for us handling all the video and photography for our marketing department, and on the side he has his own business.

He takes photographs at special events like weddings, anniversary parties and corporate gatherings. Basically anywhere large groups gather George is available to document it.

Part of his service is his custom build photo booth. It’s a high end rig of mega-pixel cameras, monitors and studio lighting with seating for bunches of people to pose and strut. He even has a big box of hats and props they can use to spice up the pictures.

We asked him to bring it to our Christmas party this year and the results were hilarious. For hours the staff posed and preened in front of George’s cameras and the result were thousands of studio-quality photos of everyone in their holiday finest.

Are we “in!” or what? If you are looking for a great way to document your special event, and to have your friends, family or co-workers have a great time, check out George’s photobooth website

Kitchener Rangers get Bombed by 9882 Teddy Bears

141209_KIT_LWe love our local OHL team, the Kitchener Rangers. Not just for they way they play, and how they are competing in the touch Midwest division. But how they give back to the community.

Like with their Teddy Bear Toss. Fans attending Tuesday’s game against the Erie Otters were encouraged to bring a new or gently-used teddy bear and when the Rangers score their first goal, throw them onto the ice.

Boy, did they!

Liam Maaskant scored the teddy bear goal in the Rangers’ 20th Annual Teddy Bear Toss, which collected a team-record 9,882 stuffed animals. The teddy bears were flying early, as Liam opening the scoring just 72 seconds into the first period. Darby Llewellyn set up the special tally with a pass from behind the net that connected with the captain near the blueline. 

The goal sparked a cascade of 9,882 bears, a new record for the Teddy Bear Toss. Over the past 20 years, Rangers fans have generously donated 111,154 stuffed animals to local charitable groups. 


We actively support the Rangers through our sponsorship. Make sure you follow us on Facebook and Twitter as we give away pairs of tickets on a weekly basis during the season.

A Worldline Review: Kerena is organized!

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 1.50.48 PMYesterday I received a nice e-mail from Mike Champagne, one of our Level 3 Support team members, talking about a cool customer he was helping with a technical issue. He was setting up an email client for her and she mentioned to him while they were on the call that he should check out her website.

It’s called Organized By Kerena and its a service for those of us who might be organizationally challenged, which I would assume means pretty much everyone.

The reason Kerena wanted Mike to visit was because of her Resources Tab where she recommends service providers to her clients, and there was Worldline!

Very cool to see one of our customers supporting us in this way; an unsolicited promotion due to the level of service we provide, along with the significant cost savings.

Mike thanked her and passed the story along and we thought that was that. Then this afternoon we received this Worldline review:

To anyone considering Worldline as their service provider for home phone, internet or long distance you can trust that you have made the best choice. I became a long distance customer in 2004 and instantly began saving and as services became available I signed on and have been using a bundle of home phone, internet and long distance for years, saving an additional $50.00 a month. Listen, the phone works, the internet is always there and I make phone calls to wherever I want, whenever I want and I have told Worldline to call me when they take on the cellular market.

As for their technical support, just today I had my email issue diagnosed and confirmed in under 10 minutes. It wasn’t a Worldline issue but Worldline resolved it for me. Second time that has happened. A line from my thank you email says it all, “As always, impeccable service with a smile I can feel through the phone!”

I am the owner of ORGANIZED by Kerena and as a service provider myself I place great importance on customer service, customer experience and value for money and that is why I have included Worldline on the Resource page of my website,!resources/cxdu.

December 3, 2014

Kerena Randle

You’ve sold us Kerena! Thanks so much for the fabulous testimonial, and we all think your business rocks! We’ll be sure to share that around to our customers as well. Want to get organized? Then you should get Organized by Kerena.