What’s up with your WiFi speed? It’s all in the antenna

Ookla provides a great service with their Speedtest. A free and easy to use web or mobile app, it allows people to check out their WiFi speeds quickly and accurately. Yet that speed test isn’t telling the entire story. Take this test for example. I was at home this afternoon and I thought I’d check out my data speed using my desktop computer. I have an iMac connected to the Internet via WiFi and have an Apple Airport Extreme router (Mac fan boy, what can I say?) connected to my Worldline cable modem. I have Worldline’s 60/10 Mbps Unlimited Cable Internet service and here’s the results from my desktop (with bonus Worldline advertisement goodness): Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 1.46.34 PM57 down and 9 up. Pretty awesome for wireless really. Just out of curiosity (actually not, more on this in a bit), I tested my wireless speed on my iPhone 6 Plus, making sure I was the same distance from the router and the results were, well, surprising: IMG_3594Ouch. 23 down and 10 up. Same WiFi, same router, even the same manufacturer, but the difference? Even with the iPhone 6 Plus being the latest and greatest (and biggest) mobile from Apple, it was only getting half the speed as my iMac. The reason I did this test was we see these same Ookla screen captures from our customers posted on our Facebook page complaining about their wireless speeds. Of course we immediately check out to see if there is anything up with their service, but more often than not, the issue is with their devices, not with us. So, here’s some (hopefully) helpful tips to make sure you are getting the best speeds possible on all of your wireless devices from our award winning tech team in our Cambridge head office:

Worldline’s Tech Support Team Tech Tips

All of that said, if you are getting consistently slow speeds from Worldline, please don’t hesitate to call and we’ll see what we can do to help.

#SpotTheNEWT and win BIG #Starbucks!


Next time you are in Toronto, keep your eyes peeled as there are free cups of Starbucks coffee in those streets!

Worldline’s partner division, NEWT, they handle telecom for businesses across Canada, is currently holding a #SpotTheNEWT contest in the “Centre of the Universe.” 30 cabs are deployed in and around the Big Smoke with NEWT ads riding along on top, and if you see one of them, quick! Snap a pic and post it to TwitterFacebook, or Instagram with the hashtag #SpotTheNEWT and you are automatically entered to win a weekly draw of a $50 Starbucks gift card.

It’s that easy – #SpotTheNEWT, snap, post and win! Good luck!

Look! There's two right there!!!

Look! There’s two right there!!!

Canada’s New “Notice and Notice” Regulation & Worldline

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 11.28.06 AMYou may have heard that the Government of Canada enacted a new regulation for Internet Service Providers at the beginning of the year called “Notice-and-Notice.” Directly targeted at those who download copyrighted content illegally using Bittorrent and other technologies, an ISP will receive a “notice” from a rights holder that they’ve detected an illegal download of their property by one of that ISP’s customers.

In turn, that ISP is then directed to send a “notice” to their customer, and include the original “notice” as well, thus the odd “Notice-and-Notice” construction.  We receive a number of these every day, and now, as per the regulation, we are now sending customers, who have been named by the rights holders, emails.

Here’s a sample of what they look like:

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 10.42.50 AM

From: On Behalf Of Fibernetics
Sent: Friday, February 13, 2015 9:53 AM
To: Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx
Subject: Copyright Infringement Notice

Dear Customer,

Worldline has received what the Copyright Act calls a “Notice of Claimed Infringement”. It listed an IP address and a time. Our systems indicate that the IP address listed in the notice was likely assigned to your account at the specified time. We are therefore legally required to forward the notice to you.

There are some things you should know:

(a) We have not told the sender who you are. Your privacy is important to us. We do not track, or know what you do. What we do know is the IP address that we assigned to you within the last 30 days. But we don’t provide personal information to anyone unless a court orders us to. The notice was simply received by us, and we have forwarded it electronically on to you.

(b) We are an intermediary that is required to forward this notice to you. We do not, and cannot, verify its contents or its sender. However, a private party’s notice does not mean there has been any legal ruling. Only a court can do that.

(c) It is good practice to make sure you secure your account. Your wireless router should be password-protected; and those who have the password should maintain good virus protection.

(d) We retain IP address information for 30 days. If your modem has not been powered off during that period, then we may have IP address information going back to the last time you did. In addition to requiring us to forward this notice, the Copyright Act also requires us to retain the records matching the IP address and time to your account for six months. If the people who sent the notice apply to a court, they can require us to hold it for longer.

We have included some reference links about copyright law in Canada, including our legal obligations:
Thank You,

Then below this we reproduce the original notice, unaltered.

Please note, the original notice is from a 3rd party, not from us. We’re just passing it along. The customers account information is not shared in any way, shape or form. Also, it’s very important to know that this is not a legal ruling. The copyright holder is not a court of law. That said, those who do download illegally should govern themselves accordingly.

Interestingly enough this new regulation is a form of closing the barn door after the horse has bolted. Dr. Michael Geist, a law professor at the University of Ottawa where he holds the Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-commerce Law, noted recently that:

In recent years, the use of BitTorrent and similar technologies to engage in unauthorized copying has not disappeared, but network usage indicates its importance is rapidly diminishing. Waterloo-based Sandvine recently reported the BitTorrent now comprises only five per cent of Internet traffic during peak periods in North America (file sharing as a whole takes up seven per cent). That represents a massive decline since 2008, when file sharing constituted nearly one-third of all peak period network traffic.

The decline largely reflects a shift toward streaming video, which is now the dominant use of network traffic. Netflix alone comprises almost 35 per cent of download network traffic in North America during peak periods with the other top sources of online streaming video – YouTube, Facebook, Amazon Prime, and Hulu – pushing the total to nearly 60 per cent.

Also of note, video streaming services like Netflix, Shomi, CraveTV and YouTube are not subject to this new regulation as they have obtained permission to make the content available or make it easy for rights holders to remove it.

We hope this explains “Notice-and-Notice” for you. The bottom line is, if you’re not doing anything illegal, never mind. But if you are, prepare to get notified.

Who is this guy, and why is he so upset?


Coming soon to a YouTube channel near you… the new Worldline promo letting Canadians know just how much they could and should be saving.

And if you haven’t seen our last one, please check it out below:

Level 3 Super Hero Award winner: Yari Pichardo

Yari Super Hero AwardOur Level 3 Support team are a group of dedicated tech support specialists working out of our Cambridge, Ontario head office.

They work daily with our customer support crew at the Fibernetics Call Centre with a common goal: to provide Worldline customers the best care and service in the industry.

Earlier this year they initiated a new program called the Level 3 Superhero Award to recognize outstanding contributions from support staff. Marlen Garcia was November’s recipient and now it’s time to announce the latest winner.

From the Level 3 Team:

Here at Worldline, we are constantly improving our service and working to enhance our customer interaction. One of the metrics we monitor is how our customer service representatives are working to make any call to us a positive experience.

We are very proud of how our customer service team continues to surpass our expectations and are VERY excited with the growth of their skill sets and direction they are taking. Especially now, considering how Worldline continues to set record-breaking months from our sales team. Today, we would like to recognize one of our wonderful colleagues.

We would like to introduce you all to Yari Pichardo. Yari works in our contact center and primarily helps our customers with billing  issues and questions.

A detail oriented service professional, Yari crosses all t’s and dots every i looking to resolve every call then and there and as quickly as possible.

Previously when preparing to present this award, we review a number of our  Customer Service reps work in order to determine who best deserves to win. This month is different as we were approached by a member of our billing team:

“The revenue assurance team believes that Yari deserves recognition.  Not only from her outstanding work with her EDI payments but also the quality of her tickets and her outgoing personality.”

Yari shows accountability for her work and is always trying to resolve anything a customer needs help with. She has a very positive attitude and demonstrates a drive to get better every day.

Yari walks the walk and means it when she says “I’m in”.

Yari Pichardo