Worldline Level 3 Superhero Award winner: Jandry Poline

SHL3Our Level 3 Support team are a group of dedicated tech support specialists working out of our Cambridge, Ontario head office. They work daily with our customer support crew working at the Fibernetics Call Centre with a common goal, to provide Worldline customers the best care and service in the industry. Period.

Last year they initiated a new program called the Level 3 Superhero Award to recognize outstanding contributions from support staff and now it’s time to announce the latest winner.

From the Level 3 Team:

Here at Worldline, we are aware that we are consistently improving our service and customer interaction. If we were not improving, we wouldn’t be trying to improve your experience with us. One of the things we look at is how hard our customer service representatives are working to make any call you make to us a positive experience.

We are very proud of how far our customer service has come and are VERY excited with the growth and direction they are going in (Especially with how we are having record breaking months from our sales team). Today, we would like to recognize one of our wonderful colleagues.

We would like to introduce you all to Jandry Poline. Jandry works in our contact center and helps our customers and others around him with superior technical support.

Worldline Unlimited InternetJandry has been with us for many years where he has grown to become a key member of our teams. It is not often that we see escalations from Jandry as he takes each case and works on the customers issue many times going above and beyond to make sure the customers issue is resolved. He has taken the initiative to help through around him when they are in need of help. He has never declined the option to learn more about what he can do for the customer and has always accepted the challenges that come with it. As he spends more time with us, we have noticed his attention to detail has gotten even better as he has been able to resolve many escalations to him the right way and quickly.

He always has a positive attitude and makes sure that customers she is helping are constantly being updated on what is happening with the issue they have reported to us.

Jandry is someone who not only says our Company mantra, but he also walks the walk and means it when he says “I’m in”


My experience as a Worldline Co-op/Intern

Lake Fibernetics

Brett skating on Lake Fibernetics this February

We are very proud of our Intern program. We are very fortunate to have a great working relationship with both Laurier and Waterloo Universities and we welcome student Interns and co-ops in various programs. Brett Young joined us for the second time as an Intern (and third overall) and we couldn’t be happier with the job he is doing supporting the Worldline marketing team, helping with volunteer programs and being an all around awesome asset to the company. We asked him to provide a brief overview of his experiences so far and here’s what he came up with:

My Journey as a Fibernetics Intern by Brett Young

Job Title:  Junior Marketing Analyst, Residential Services (Co-op) This has been my third time returning to work at Fibernetics this January, and it has felt like night and day compared to a year and a half ago after I completed my first co-op term in the marketing department.

The office culture has had a major overhaul in a very positive way, and I have never seen another company like it. Having little knowledge of Plasticity Labs before starting, made me wonder what they could change when it comes to workplace happiness here at Fibernetics. This made me even more thrilled to join the Worldline Marketing team once again once I found out Plasticity Labs became a part of Fibernetics Ventures.

My first day back I was greeted with open arms from all of my old co-workers, as well as a bunch of new faces. Being given an “I’m In” t-shirt made me feel part of a passionate team. In the past, our marketing team focused more on print and radio advertising. Since I’ve been back, I have gained a lot of new knowledge on digital marketing, and learning the endless possibilities it has when bringing in new leads to drive more sales.

Fibernetics has been great when it comes to working around my school schedule, as I still take part-time university classes while in co-op. Being only 22 with over 3 years of full-time experience in a corporate setting has set me apart from many of my classmates. This gives me peace-of-mind knowing when I graduate it will be much easier for me to land a full-time job right out of school.

Q. How has your experience at Fibernetics been different than yours at your previous co-op employer Desire2Learn?
A. Being a part of a smaller team compared to D2L has allowed me to touch all aspects of marketing. I’ve learned that marketing is a never ending cycle of pushing out new campaigns, and digging deep into our analytics and results to create a post-mortem.

Doing this helps us make an educated decision on whether the campaign worked for us, so we can properly allocate our resources for the months to come. My boss has taught me that it is fine to make new mistakes, as we can only predict how well a campaign may run.

Our marketing department deeply affects the company’s growth and I am very glad to say I am part of a collaborative team. My time at Fibernetics has been very beneficial to me as I now have a better idea of what area of post-graduate studies I’d like to continue with. 

Q. Tell us about the people you’ve met since working at Fibernetics.
A. I have met a lot of great friends who I see outside of work on a weekly basis, and I’ve done lots of networking in the telecomm and marketing industry. Because to this, my LinkedIn connections have skyrocketed, and my knowledge of startups and new ventures has vastly increased while working with our partners at Fibernetics.

Q. What are your favourite parts about working in the Cambridge Office?
A. The Cambridge office has an open concept with an awesome corporate culture to make it a fun place to work! I enjoy various office perks such as free fruit and coffee, as well as the free boxing lessons every Thursday after work.

Q. Would you consider working at Fibernetics after you finish your studies?
A. Of course! All of my co-workers are like family to me now, and I enjoy waking up and going to work to interact with all of the awesome people of Fibernetics.

About Brett
Brett Young’s role as a co-op student is a Junior Marketing Analyst in the Fibernetics Head Office in Cambridge. He is currently an Economics and Business Undergraduate student in his third year at the University of Waterloo. Brett has been living in the Kitchener/Waterloo region all of his life, and will be returning to full-time studies in September 2015. Brett loves hockey, paintball, cars, camping, and fishing!


Brett (on the left) helping us out on #InternationalDayofHappiness

Brett’s Contact Information:



Canadian Business: A happy office is about more than just adding a ping-pong table

Ping Pong…although we do have one, (and it’s really great)

Fibernetics, Worldline’s parent company, was profiled in Canadian Business Magazine about the culture change the company went through last year, and the impact it had on management, the employees and the business.

This is the money quote from Fibernetics President John Stix:

The company has hit new sales records each month since the corporate relaunch, and customer complaints are at an all-time low, Stix says. HR concerns have dropped by 70%. This quarter alone, Fibernetics’ looks set to grow by 50%, Stix says.

“My mission now is to show leaders if you’re sitting on the fence about caring about people—and showing that you care—just do it. And if you don’t care, you should still do it because it dramatically affects the bottom line.”

Worldline just had its best Q1 in company history, adding tons of new customers who now can benefit from our quality services like our Unlimited High Speed Internet, amazing price point and over the top customer care.

The workplace culture initiative that John introduced last year is having a remarkable impact on the company. For more on what John did, and why, please read the entire article here, and then share it.

With your boss for example.