Getting Our Blue Jays On! – “I’m In!” SickKids Charity Lunch

There are endless reasons why our team at Fibernetics, Worldline’s parent company, is unreal. From inside the walls of our office, to outside the walls in our community; this group of telecomm lovers are simply amazing at contributing (and they’re also amazing at eating hot dogs and cheering for the Blue Jays!)

This week, our awesomeness was put to the test (and we succeeded with flying colours!) by having a Ball Park Dog Lunch, in celebration of the Blue Jays! But our awesomeness wasn’t measured on how many hot dogs we could stuff in our faces – it was measured on how much money we could raise for SickKids Hospital. That’s right – five dollars for two dogs, with all proceeds going to this amazing hospital.hotdoglunch1

The morning started off with organized chaos. Lots of vegetables and mountains of hot dog buns were packed into our kitchen. The team put on their notable blue and white Blue Jays attire, passed on their morning caffeination and hit the cutting boards to prepare some of the most gourmet toppings we’ve ever seen. The good cooks taught the “not-so-good” cooks all their secrets (and how important it is to not
cut near the fingers), the dubbed “onion chopper” had sworn to never cut onions again, but most importantly, the beautiful gourmet toppings (like guacamole and bruschetta) were ready to sit on top of our Ball Park style dogs, which were being BBQ’d to perfection for all employees. And because of our appetite for hot dogs and our willingness to contribute, we raised over 400 dollars for SickKids Hospital.


Workplace culture is important to us. The “I’m In!” culture initiative gives employees the option to give to our quarterly contributions. Our Blue Jays Ball Park Dog Lunch today was an “I’m In!” culture event and could only happen thanks to our employees willingness to contribute. Next quarter, we’ll be on the hunt for surplus food cans for a Food Bank event. I wonder what kind of lunch we’ll have next? Get your appetite’s ready!

Thank you to all the employees for supporting and assisting with the tasty Ball Park lunch and eating all the hot dogs you can handle! We are extremely very grateful for all SickKids does for improving the lives of children and their families. Stay tuned for our next lunch!

Fibernetics (Really) Loves Their Employees – Canadian HR Awards Winner 2015

CMA_2015You know us for the services we provide you – affordable unlimited Internet and home phone. But behind the scenes, we’re a group (more like a family!) of individuals who are filled with dedication, innovation, teamwork and most importantly a true love for what we do.

And last Thursday, our parent company Fibernetics was recognized for all that (and a bag of chips) at the annual Canadian HR Awards.

HR leaders slipped into their gowns and tuxes and made their way to the Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex in Toronto. There were 17 organizational and individual categories that provide national recognition of both large and small organizations on their individual merits – you can imagine the amount of forward-thinking companies packed in one room! This gala is specifically to celebrate the excellence in the Human Resources profession by recognizing individuals, teams and companies for their outstanding achievements in people management in the country. People management isn’t an easy task; here, we applauded those who do it well. And according to Canada, Fibernetics is one of them!

Nominated for two awards, including the Aird & Berlis LLP Award for Canadian HR Champion, Fibernetics won for best employer branding.


Read more about it!

Say “No” To Slow Netflix Speeds, Canada!

What’s red, white, and packed with thousands of your favourite “marathon-able” TV shows and movies? The one and only, Netflix

And lucky for you (and us), this shiny red box Worldline has obtained is one of only four Netflix Open Connect Appliances in the country and it’s a game-changer for those who are regular Netflix streamers.

Netflix blog img1

Although Netflix is an American company, us Canadians dominate the majority of their customer base. How many of us are using it regularly? 40%! And currently 79% of Canadian households have either Cable, Satellite, or Fibre TV. In other words, Netflix is the Chuck Norris of TV, and those numbers are continually growing.

Netflix is less than five years old. Doesn’t it seem like it’s been around so much longer? That’s probably because 82% of Canadians say they typically stream something on Netflix weekly, and they spend about 6 hours a week logged in.

What happens when you take a Canadian away from their Netflix? We don’t want to know. What we do know is that us Canadians are ditching our TV providers, left, right and center, in favour of our beloved Netflix, and other similar streaming services. Up until 2013 the customer base for TV providers were on a steady increase. Then suddenly, for the first time, there was a decrease. And every year those “cutting the cable” have been on an increase.

Now, you may be asking, what does this pretty red box that we’re adding to our server mean for Canadians, and most importantly, our Worldline customers? Unlike most other providers, Netflix content will be served to our customers locally, from our all-Canadian network, instead of having the viewing content imported from the U.S.

And because of this crazy piece of machinery, the streaming quality will be better, the signal will be stronger and with less chance of latency issues during peak hours (yes – you heard that right). If you’re worried about the NSA – forget about it! Since it’s all in Canada, the NSA won’t know what you’re watching. In other words, you’ll no longer be judged on how many episodes of Orange Is The New Black you’ve watched today. Also, since our service is unlimited, they can also enjoy as much of this content as physically possible, with no worries of being dinged at the end of the month with a massive overage charge.

Technically speaking, it’s a super capacity hard drive that stores more than 8 years (!) worth of HD video content and is constantly receiving the latest available programming with a daily 7.5TB update. As you can see, this is not a home-use machine. Just imagine how long it would take for you to download 7.5TB a day?

So, thank you to Netflix for allowing us to make our customers even more happy by providing them with the very best this service has to offer. So get cozy, grab some popcorn and start streaming – all from Canada!



Let’s Talk Careers: Fibernetics is Coming to Communitech Tech Jams Job Fair

Find it. Land it. Love it. Half the battle of landing a life-changing career is finding it. In the sea of career postings, there are endless that are irrelevant to your skills. It can be difficult to find the perfect career for you.

Communitech is making it easy at the Tech Jams Job Fair event on September 29th. Communitech Tech Jam is a recruitment event which connects 500+ job seekers with both tech and non-tech companies in Waterloo Region. It is comprised of an exhibitor floor, networking lounge and pitch stage.

communitechjobfairimagesFibernetics, Worldline’s parent company, will be attending this event with a selection of opportunities for attendees. And these opportunities are being pitched directly to you, with you in mind; it’s not your typical job fair! What makes them different? We’ll tell you. Fibernetics is ripping down the walls and letting you in with open arms! Learn their company values as John Stix presents the benefits of being a part of the Fibernetics family. They’re on the hunt for forward-thinking, tech-savvy team members who are willing to say (and mean) Fibernetics’ company mantra, “I’m In!”.

What do they have to offer? Take a look at Fibernetics’ current positions to scope out potential opportunities for you.

Inside Sales – NEWT Business Services

Software Developer (Perl)

Telecommunications Software Developer

Technical Support Specialist – NEWT Business Services

The Tech Jams Job Fair is on September 29th, at 5:00p.m. to 8:00p.m. at the Bingemans Conference Centre. (425 Bingemans Centre Drive, Kitchener ON.).

For more information, visit Time to get your network on! Can’t make it? Don’t sweat it! Fibernetics will also be participating in the Partnerships For Employers Job Fair for surrounding Universities on September 30th. More information on that great event to come!