“Netflix And Shrill?” – Why You Need An Unlimited Internet Plan For Halloween Movie Night


Ghosts, goblins and ghouls are scary; but there is nothing scarier than exceeding your Internet usage from an over abundance of streaming and chilling. We know Halloween calls for the spookiest horror movies and most bone-chilling crime series, and the only way to marathon your favourites is to have an unlimited Internet plan to watch your back.

Do you ever really wonder why “Netflix and Chill” has become a part of young Canadians’ internal dictionary? Most Canadians are now cutting that unruly cable connection and sticking with Internet-based streaming services, like the beloved Netflix. 82% of Canadians say that streaming has become a weekly ritual in their lives. In other words, streaming is as important as weekly grocery shopping – data caps just ruin the fun.

With an unlimited plan, packing in as many movie classics as you can this Halloween is easy. Without it – you risk the dreaded. You want to at least marathon as many of the Halloween movies as possible (until you really, really don’t like Michael Myers.). So, how many classics can you watch?

1 GB of data is used per hour of streaming. And that’s just standard definition video quality. What if you want to see the fine details of Regan’s possessed face while watching the Exorcist in high definition? It’ll cost you up to 3 GB per hour. And that’s not even including the data you use to surf the web daily. Some Internet Plans offer lower amounts of GB per month, while costing you more than an unlimited plan. Now that’s scary.

Free your mind from the worry of data caps and leave the surprises to the thrillers. If you don’t already have an unlimited Internet plan – it could be the time of the season to get one.

Toronto Agile Conference 2015 – “The Agile Workplace” with Culture Guru, John Stix


John Stix, (a culture pioneer and president of our parent company, Fibernetics,) has been sweeping the nation with his knowledge of workplace culture. He is an often sought-out speaker due to his undeniable, inspirational passion and standing ovation-worthy talks. His notable love for workplace culture has him working with renowned Happiness Advocate, Shawn Anchor, in a strong collaboration on changing the current culture practices in the workplace.

Today, he is attending the 7th Annual Agile Conference (also known as, Agile Tour Toronto) that is being held by The Toronto Agile Community at the Hilton Toronto.

It’s an informative and interactive conference that has sold out each year because of its endless benefits for both sponsors and attendees. The Annual Agile Conference includes seven informative sessions, incorporates in-demand thought leaders and provides networking opportunities for attendees. Regardless if you are a new attendee to Agile, or an Agile guru, you will find value in all aspects of the conference and be able to implement methodologies and tools within companies.

This year, the theme is “The Agile Workplace” – a perfect theme for Fibernetics, a company that is now the epitome of workplace culture and has embraced employee value in its entirety. John Stix is ecstatic for the opportunity to speak about his passion, specifically his “I’m In!” initiative implemented to Fibernetics a few years ago, and will be closing out the conference with this presentation which is titled “Change your workplace culture and experience a chain reaction.”

 For more information on this event, please visit: TorontoAgileCommunity.org


John Stix on IMA Leader Podcast; Presenting to 1 Million on Workplace Culture

ima-podcast-blogIt’s no surprise that our president, John Stix, has incorporated workplace culture in all the umbrella companies of Fibernetics, including Worldline.

His passion for happy employees had not gone unnoticed at North America’s largest marketing event, #IMPACT15, where he received the first standing ovation in the event’s history (a 12 year history, to be exact).

And now, he has been invited to speak with Dominick Sirianni, Vice President of the Interactive Education Internet Marketing Association to share his knowledge to one million. The one million are innovative, motivated marketers subscribed to the organization’s podcast.

This podcast is a sanctuary available with endless information and innovative ideas held by the top most influential thought leaders in the industry; such as representatives from Microsoft, Adobe and Salesforce. Here, is where these marketers go to gain insight, new ideas and inspiration on topics like SEO and SEM, display advertising e-mail marketing and of course, the future of modern marketing.

John’s inspirational speech at #IMPACT15 consisted of the importance of workplace culture, both in business and in personal life and the staggering differences in workplace moral, motivation and happiness in a company that practices culture. His talk was revolutionary for the attendees, as well as John himself. He is ready to spread awareness on his mission of integrating workplace culture to companies around the world.

Stay tuned for the IMA Leader Podcast, which will be live in just a few weeks!

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