2 Bandwidth Suckers To Be Aware Of This Holiday Season (And Why You Need An Unlimited Internet Plan)

Bandwith Suckers

It’s that time of year for streaming and gaming – and if you have a bandwidth cap, you’re probably worried about going ‘above and beyond’ your ISP’s data restrictions this holiday. Here’s Worldline’s guide on how the holidays can affect your Internet usage and why an Unlimited Internet plan is a must.


With the beautiful birth of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, you’re bound to binge watch your favourite sci-fi series or movies (North American Netflix doesn’t have the original Star Wars available for streaming yet, bummer!), and of course your favourite holiday movies. But with all that science fiction and holiday cheer comes a price. Did you know streaming movies use up to 3 GB of data per hour? Yikes.

If you aren’t a sci-fi junky, perhaps you are all about those cat videos this season. Remember, YouTube and other video streaming platforms requires data, too. So be aware before you get hooked on the fluff.

Tip: Don’t stream in HD. That way, you have more of a chance of using less data during streaming. You can adjust your data usage settings to reduce the bandwidth Netflix uses. For YouTubers, you can adjust the video quality to avoid significant consumption. All that, or get an Unlimited Internet plan and stream as much as your little heart desires.

Video Games

Video games are one of the most popular holiday gifts out there. According to Globe and Mail, 95% of Canadian households own a computer and 61% own a game console. Canadians now have the option to digitally download games in the comfort of their own home. And if you’re a gamer, love your couch and have a bandwidth cap – this may be an issue.

In an IGN article, the author states that with a 15% increase in game sizes year after year, games are not getting any smaller. This goes for both PC games and console games; with a more prominent issue with PC games, as file sizes are often larger.

For this holiday season, games like Fallout 4 are all the hype. Unfortunately, although gamers may purchase a physical copy of this game through retail stores, it cannot be installed solely through the provided CD; an Internet connection and 20 GB of space is required. To summarize, you can no longer rely on physical copies of games to avoid draining your Internet usage, (keep in mind all of this doesn’t include the usage it takes to actually play the games!).

Tip: Double-check physical copies of video game gifts for required Internet usage. If you are purchasing digital games for a special someone (or yourself, we don’t judge!) be prepared for large download sizes. Keep in mind digital distribution platforms like Steam™ use large amounts of bandwidth when downloading, and game updates also use bandwidth. Even idling uses bandwidth. To avoid all this “bye-bye bandwidth” talk, you could always get an Unlimited Internet plan and never worry about overcharges again.

So, for the holiday season, keep these bandwidth suckers in mind or make the switch to an Unlimited Internet plan. There is nothing worse than overcharges showing up on your bill after purchasing loads of gifts for your loved ones. Nobody wants a big bill from Saint Nick, and with good reason!

3 Reasons Why Worldline’s Unlimited High Speed DSL 15 Package Is Hot Stuff

DSL 15 Package

To DSL 15, or not to DSL 15? That’s a question you may be asking yourself while debating between our available Worldline services. According to our current Worldline customers, it isn’t much of a question. That’s because it’s Worldline’s most popular package when it comes to Worldline’s High Speed Internet services – and here’s why! Here are 3 reasons why Worldline’s DSL 15 package is the best, ever.

1. Money doesn’t grow on trees!

According to a CBC article on Internet ‘churn’ rates, [Internet] users don’t switch [ISPs] for any reason other than price. In a world where 87% of Canadians are connected to the Internet – why would we want to spend an arm and a leg on an essential?

This is why the DSL 15 package was born; to help Canadians get what they need, for less. From $49.95 a month, without hidden fees, you’ll start saving as soon as you make the switch.

2. As fast as (unlimited) speeding bullets!

Get your surf on! Worldline’s DSL 15 package offers super-fast download speeds at 15Mbps, and upload speeds of 1Mbps, so you can multitask on multiple devices with a premium connection all day long. It’s fast enough for downloaders, and cheap enough that it doesn’t break the bank.

Also, it’s unlimited. When Worldline heard that the average Canadian spends 43.5 hours a month on the Web, almost twice the worldwide average of 23.1 hours according to Globe and Mail – it was assured that unlimited bandwidth is a must for us Internet-loving Canadians. We love to surf! (Just not the “ocean waves’” kind of surfing).

3. Anti-stress.

Of course, Worldline has included free technical support, (a.k.a “anti-stress”) – the team is here to help. The DSL 15 is Worldline’s most advanced package that offers e-mail service scans to help keep you protected from online threats. All that, minus the headaches and unpredictable fees. It really is awesome.

Let’s be friends.

Worldline is dedicated to making your Internet experience inexpensive, reliable and easy. Worldline knows Canadian’s Internet expectations, and the DSL 15 package meets them. Get ready to make the switch, and stay!