CRTC Ruling states Broadband Internet should no longer be limited to specific regions, and is now a basic service for everyone


The Internet is a basic service in the lives of Canadians. With over 3 billion people worldwide utilizing the web, Canadian’s should no longer be deprived of broadband Internet services. The CRTC is making a change that will benefit the lives of those Canadian’s that live in rural areas, making broadband Internet services available to all.

This new ruling has ISP’s striving to meet the goal of providing rural customers at least 50 megabits per second download speed, and upload speeds of at least 10 megabits per second, and options for unlimited data. According to the CRTC, “two million Canadian households, or roughly 18 per cent, don’t have access to those speeds or data.” Broadband is now deemed as a basic service, regardless of where a person lives. The CRTC expects fixed broadband Internet of at least 50/10Mbps to be available in 90% of Canadian households by the end of 2021, and in the remaining 10% within 10 to 15 years.

The CRTC states that fast Internet speeds and the ability to download content quickly is no longer a superfluity, as people rely heavily on the Internet to do essential, daily actions such as online banking, distance education, government services, telehealth, and much more. Having the option for fast speeds and unlimited data is a must.

Worldline is dedicated to applying these changes to better serve our customers that reside in rural areas. Although specific implementation details from the ruling have yet to be determined, Worldline is better preparing their services for the upcoming changes. Aside from the minimum 50 megabits per second download and 10 megabits per second upload speeds, the CRTC has issued changes that must be implemented within the next six months such as contracts and services must be explained in clear language to ensure customers are completely aware of what’s included and offered. 

Overall, this ruling is paving the way for Canadian’s to make more informed decisions about their telecommunications services, and to offer more to those in rural areas – because everyone deserves fast, reliable broadband Internet

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