4 Reasons Why You Need Your Home Phone Service

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I know what you’re thinking – “get with the times, Worldline! Everyone is cutting the cord!” And you may be right. In fact, 1 in 5 Canadian homes only use cell phones. But the good ole’ home phone service should never be forgotten (or cancelled) – and here’s why.

Reason 1: Cost 

The best thing about home phone service is the cost. In this case, Worldline offers digital home phone service, instead of the traditional landline. Increase in rates for landline’s is not a rare occasion (you can be paying up to $70 a month just for your home phone!). Digital home phone service costs much less, and you can avoid pesky extra fees while also getting the home phone features you know and love, like call display, three-way calling and voicemail.

And compared to your cell phone, you won’t have to worry about going over your data usage. Digital home phone service uses minuscule amount of data, just enough to keep your conversation crisp and clear. So if you aren’t downloading ridiculous amounts of Man vs. Food or if you have our Unlimited Internet Plan – you’ll be just fine.

Your phone calls are being transferred directly through a high-speed Internet connection. So depending on your home phone plan, charges and extra fees won’t occur like they would with a cell phone or traditional landline. Like with our Digital Home Phone Call the World Plan, you have unlimited calling to 50+ countries for only $24.95 a month – much better than over-priced home phone with limited calling features, right?

Reason 2: Emergencies worldline_logo_307x358

You’re watching T.V. and see that your local pizza joint is having a two for one sale. You reach for your cell phone to place an order and it is nowhere to be found. Even worse, the ringer is off. For all you know, the battery is dead. In desperate times like these, you need a backup.

Having a home phone service plan provides you with reassurance that in a real emergency when you need to call 911, you have another option of communication.

If your cell phone is damaged, broken, lost, or stolen – you’ll thank your home phone for being there. And for those readers with little ones, ask yourself this: would my child know where to find my cellphone in an emergency and would they know how to unlock it? Having that backup is worth it for the safety of you and your family.

Reason 3: Sound

If you haven’t noticed, your mobile phone has an itsy-bitsy microphone compared to the now over-sized home phone. The home phone speaker hugs your ear, and the microphone is located as close to your mouth as possible; making it much easier to hear and speak to the person on the other end. The speaker and microphone on your cell phone are tiny compared and are surrounded by technology a home phone doesn’t need, like cameras and sensors.

We get that home phone does not have the flexibility of traveling in your back pocket like your mobile does, but why use it at home? Your home phone doesn’t do texting, selfies, and apps. It sticks to what it does best: phone conversations.

Reason 4: Your Grandma

Most grandmas and grandpas are not up-to-date with your cellphone number changing often, your preferred PC-based voice-over-IP, or your favourite texting emoticon. They know your good old-fashioned home phone number they have memorized.

It may not be the most convincing example of why you should keep your home phone service, but your distant relatives and grandparents will thank you when you can be easily reached.

The Conclusion 

We covered the cost, emergencies, sound quality and your grandparents. If all these reasons don’t convince you to keep your home phone service, here’s one that might. A study found that 19 percent of people drop their cell phones down the toilet. You may be next. And if you are, you’ll have that glorious, large home phone that couldn’t sneak into the watery abyss even if it tried.

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