A Worldline Review – “It’s Called Customer Service”

worldline_iconWorldline is a weird company. Where other telecoms in Canada blackmail their customers into keeping from switching services by tying them down with restrictive, onerous, confusing and automatically renewing contracts, we don’t.

We’re different.

Worldline has no mandatory contracts. That means the only reason our customers stay with us is the service we deliver. They are free to leave us at anytime, but they don’t because, first and foremost, we provide them top quality Unlimited High Speed Internet and Home Phone service in the most cost-effective fashion possible. But

it’s also about our extraordinary customer service when those rare technical issues pop up. Below is a letter sent into our President and CEO Jody Schnarr this week and it sums up what we’re all about very, very well.

Good afternoon, Mr. Schnarr

We have recently signed on to Worldline for our home phone and internet needs. Your exceptional offers, rebates, everyday pricing, consistent speeds and call quality made it difficult NOT to join the Worldline family. But, I have to say none more so than 2 days ago.

An accident in our home physically destroyed our jack for phone and internet. Without service on either line, I drove to your Head office on Boxwood Drive to find out where you or your contracted employees purchase these jacks to replace ours. Your receptionist was more than willing to help, taking what I had brought to the “back”. An older man, grey haired with a goatee and glasses, warmly shook my hand and said jokingly “Well there’s your problem?” As we laughed, he took me to his car and proceeded to hand me a filter and wall jack as he did not recognize the one that was previously installed by the bell tech. I thanked him and proceeded to pull out my wallet to pay. “No charge” he replied. I was shocked….so I asked him again….he said “it’s called customer service.”

Mr. Schnarr, those are words that have been lost in today’s business models everywhere you turn. You have chosen to enter into, what I consider, one of the most cutthroat and backstabbing industries out there. You should be very proud of what you have accomplished, and the people who helped get you there. Many people, including myself, who experience instances like this will guarantee you continued success. Thank you for putting the customer first…..

Best wishes,


One very satisfied customer

P.S. If you can track down the tech who helped me, with my vague description, thank him again.

Dave MajuryThat “tech” is our own David Majury. Dave has been in the telecom industry for decades and he is our Level 3 Support Team Leader. Worldline was lucky enough to drag him out of retirement, (Can you say “beer money?”) and help us out with our tech support. All of our people have benefited from not only his expertise but his absolute dedication to keeping our customers as happy as possible.

Darcy is just one example.

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