Getting Our Blue Jays On! – “I’m In!” SickKids Charity Lunch

There are endless reasons why our team at Fibernetics, Worldline’s parent company, is unreal. From inside the walls of our office, to outside the walls in our community; this group of telecomm lovers are simply amazing at contributing (and they’re also amazing at eating hot dogs and cheering for the Blue Jays!)

This week, our awesomeness was put to the test (and we succeeded with flying colours!) by having a Ball Park Dog Lunch, in celebration of the Blue Jays! But our awesomeness wasn’t measured on how many hot dogs we could stuff in our faces – it was measured on how much money we could raise for SickKids Hospital. That’s right – five dollars for two dogs, with all proceeds going to this amazing hospital.hotdoglunch1

The morning started off with organized chaos. Lots of vegetables and mountains of hot dog buns were packed into our kitchen. The team put on their notable blue and white Blue Jays attire, passed on their morning caffeination and hit the cutting boards to prepare some of the most gourmet toppings we’ve ever seen. The good cooks taught the “not-so-good” cooks all their secrets (and how important it is to not
cut near the fingers), the dubbed “onion chopper” had sworn to never cut onions again, but most importantly, the beautiful gourmet toppings (like guacamole and bruschetta) were ready to sit on top of our Ball Park style dogs, which were being BBQ’d to perfection for all employees. And because of our appetite for hot dogs and our willingness to contribute, we raised over 400 dollars for SickKids Hospital.


Workplace culture is important to us. The “I’m In!” culture initiative gives employees the option to give to our quarterly contributions. Our Blue Jays Ball Park Dog Lunch today was an “I’m In!” culture event and could only happen thanks to our employees willingness to contribute. Next quarter, we’ll be on the hunt for surplus food cans for a Food Bank event. I wonder what kind of lunch we’ll have next? Get your appetite’s ready!

Thank you to all the employees for supporting and assisting with the tasty Ball Park lunch and eating all the hot dogs you can handle! We are extremely very grateful for all SickKids does for improving the lives of children and their families. Stay tuned for our next lunch!