Taking Worldline from good to great. It’s a culture thing

John and Tracy Fischer

John Stix and Operations Officer Tracy Fischer

Worldline is the residential division of Fibernetics, one of Canada’s largest telecom companies.

Over the past decade Fibernetics has gone from a three-guys-in-a-basement operation to a major corporation with hundreds of employees and hundreds of thousands of customers.

Starting out, the corporate culture was simple; everyone was on board because they had to be. That is how it is in the start-ups. The fledgling company’s survival depends on all hands being on deck and just getting stuff done.

With time, and success, that start-up spirit tends to fade and is replaced with a certain amount of complacency and sameness due to systems being in place and roles finely defined.

For John Stix, co-founder and Fibernetics president, that’s not the company he envisioned. Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur.

That’s why he decided that the company needed a shot in the arm. An adrenalin kick in the form of a cultural shift.

From the Fibernetics Blog:

How does one become a culture warrior for a company? That’s a question John Stix asked himself 18 months ago when he realized that some of the passion and excitement  in and around the company he co-founded was lacking.

He noticed it in himself when he discovered he wasn’t bouncing out of bed to get to the office. He noticed it with some staff members grumbling over their coffee in the cafeteria, and worse he discovered it talking to a customer over a beer, who was complaining about how they were  being treated as a customer.

To John, that was the final straw. The company had enjoyed rapid growth over the ten years of its existence, yet it was clear that that exponential expansion was resulting in a few things falling through the cracks. Having an unhappy customer was just not “us,” so John set out to change that.

Typically, he went about the process just like everything else in his business experience: He tackled it as an entrepreneur, developing his own culture initiative around the motto, “I’m in!”

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We’re Hiring: Revenue Assurance Specialist

JoanThis is Joan. She’s been working in our operations division as our revenue assurance specialist. What that means is, she has been talking to our customers on a daily basis ensuring that their non-technical needs are met when it comes to everything Worldline. And she’s been fantastic at it.

Passionate about solving customer’s problems, Joan believes, as we all do, that the most important asset Worldline has is our customers. Now Joan is going to take on more responsibility in the company in the finance department and we’re looking for someone to fill her fashionable, yet practical, shoes.

Reporting to the Customer Experience Manager, the Revenue Assurance Specialist is responsible for the customer facing portions of the billing, payments, collections and account maintenance for our Residential customers. The Revenue Assurance Specialist will actively contribute to a positive customer experience throughout the customer’s lifecycle with Fibernetics.

This role will also contribute on an on-going basis to improvements that will impact the customer’s experience, across any organizational boundaries, including Product Management, Operations, Development, Marketing, Support and Logistics.


  • Liaison for banks in regards to credit card charge backs, bank reversals and payments
  • Processing Residential Refund Cheques
  • Escalated Residential Customer Billing Inquiries/Disputes
  • Accepting and recording payments
  • Past Due notification and Accounts Receivable Management
  • Customer correspondence and face to face interaction at head office
  • Work closely with the customers to understand their concerns and provide that feedback  to the company
  • Interact and build open relationships across all departments to improve communication and alignment
  •  Review processes to identify Operational gaps in the customer experience based upon direct and indirect customer feedback
  • Contribute to an on-going initiative to provide the best experience possible at the fairest prices in the industry


  • Drive changes in mind-set around how we organize work and function to eliminate inefficiencies
  • Background needs to be in customer facing roles including account management, customer support, and sales
  • Strong background in maths or finance
  • Must be bondable
  • Candidate needsto have general telecom background or experience;
  • Language proficiency in English, as a key requirement with proficiency in French as a plus;
  • Track-record ofsuccess in customer-facing roles
  • Experience in acall center environment is an asset
  •  Work with minimal supervision on a variety of project work
  • This position requires both team work and individual accountability
  •  Attention to detail a must
  • Competency withMicrosoft Office
  • Post-secondary education or equivalent experience would be an asset

If you are looking to join one of the fastest growing telecom companies  – and one that is a great place to work, please forward your resume and cover letter to:  careers@fibernetics.ca. Plus, as a bonus, you get to meet Joan!

And the winner is…

IMG_2276The 2nd Annual Fibernetics Grow-Op is over and we have a winner! Winners actually. The “Two Blondes” Megan and Laurie combined to grow their Tomato plants, which they named “Tom”, to an extraordinary height and health, but what put them over the top was their presentation. The bow tie sealed the deal apparently.

Of course their selection wasn’t without controversy as there were quiet complaints that the competition was “rigged”, and how having the best decorated pot “wasn’t in the rules,” and how next year they would “just go to a garden centre and buy a full grown plant” because “that’s not in the rules either!”

In other words, the folks around here take this competition stuff seriously. Despite the apparent need for a lawyer vetted rule book, all in all the Grow-Op was an unqualified success and now we have two full vegetable gardens planted and, if the rabbits and the deer don’t get them, a crop of beans, onions, tomatoes, peppers and lettuce will be available all summer long for everyone here to munch on.

So, congrats to Laurie and Megan on a job well done. And of course Tom – the real star of the show.

We’re Hiring: VP Of Residential Sales And Marketing

Worldline is all about servicing Canadian residential customers and the suite of services we provide, like Unlimited High Speed Internet and Digital Home Phone packages are the best value in the country.The only problem is, not enough people know about Worldline. This is why we are looking for someone with serious marketing chops to fill this role for us because, if there is one thing that drives us nuts around here, it’s the fact that for far too long Canadians have been ripped off by the Big Three, and Worldline is the perfect answer for them – yet they don’t know it.

Who We Need

Fibernetics is a fast growing and profitable company and is shaking Canadian telecom by its roots. We are in direct competition with the “Big Three” and to take them on, we need nothing short of a revolutionary who is chomping at the bit to run an insurgent campaign. That’s our new VP of Residential Sales and Marketing.

We need a doer over a talker, a mentor over a manager. Our talented marketing team needs a leader we can trust and be accountable to drive residential growth and revenue generation through effective and results-oriented marketing campaigns. Living for KPI’s our new VP sets aggressive goals, exceeds them and then raises the bar even more.

Our new VP is responsible for developing marketing strategy, does the planning and manages the campaign execution. A team player, our new VP will support sales and guide customer conversion efforts. Our new VP will come up with innovative ways to engage and educate new and existing Fibernetics’ customers on all our services and products while further establishing the Fibernetics’ residential brand.  Our new VP is seriously creative, gets public relations and embraces both quantitative and field marketing.  Reporting to the CMO, our new VP will thrive in our fast-paced, collaborative environment and wants to make a difference. If that’s you, you are our new VP of Residential Sales and Marketing


  • You’ll handle all marketing communications
  • You’ll be in charge of distribution and channel management
  • You will set out price modeling, and lead the team in market research
  • You are passionate about developing innovative marketing strategies and plans to drive sales efforts, including upgrading existing customers on new products and services
  • You will work with the team on digital marketing strategies
  • You will interface with Fibernetics Contact Centers and head up sales training for agents
  • You’ll also be responsible for media buying


  • You have a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or Business with 7 years of combined sales & marketing experience
  • You are a Salesforce guru
  • You are a collaborative leader with superior interpersonal relationship skills
  • As a true visionary, you are creative with a passion for challenging the status quo
  • You have significant experience in media and/or technology marketing in the telecommunications industry
  • You have superior business sense, problem solving, project management and analytical skills
  • You are proud of your proven track record of results
  • You are an example to others when it comes to demonstrated accountability for achieving individual and shared goals

Who We Are

Fibernetics is a company that delivers happiness and connections everyday by being awesome. As one of Canada’s largest telecommunications companies with a national network infrastructure, our team of friendly, hardworking and ambitious people are dedicated to fundamentally changing telecom by providing high-quality, affordable data and communication services. Fibernetics is beyond telecom.   

At Fibernetics, we believe that happy employees are effective and productive employees. We work as hard as we play, and our team enjoys a professional yet casual work environment. Our culture is one that cultivates creativity and freedom of thought with a true emphasis on personal well-being. At Fibernetics we nurture entrepreneurship, innovation, teamwork and collaboration and embrace a “just do it” attitude in finding solutions. 

If you think you have what it takes to be our VP of Residential Sales and Marketing, please forward resume and cover letter to careers@fibernetics.ca

We’re Hiring, and this one is BIG: Director, Network Operations

Fibernetics_CLEC_NetworkDid you know that the network that all the traffic generated by Worldline, our residential division, NEWT, our business services division, our wholesale division and Fongo, our mobile partner, makes us one of the biggest in the country?

No? We’re currently crunching the numbers and the early wagering has the Fibernetics CLEC network, with all its points of presence spread across the country, somewhere around fifth biggest in Canada, and Canada, if you didn’t know, is HUGE!

Over the next few weeks we’ll find out for sure, but  fifth? Just behind the Big Three (and another company sort of like us out west)? Wow!

Overseeing a massive network like that is a big job and our CTO, Francisco Dominguez is looking for some help to do just that. What he’s looking for is a:

Director, Network Operations

The Director, Network Operations is responsible for defining, creating and managing the Network Operations Department.  This position reports to the Chief Technology Officer of the Company.  The scope of the responsibility of the Director, Network Operations shall include, but not necessarily be limited to:

Network Operations Centre: Develop and run systems and processes that ensure that the Fibernetics/Worldline/295/FPL network is consistently monitored.

Fault Management: Develop and manage systems and processes to ensure that faults are identified, resolved and reported upon. Develop standards for MMTR and other Fault Management metrics. Develop and maintain escalation procedures for network troubles.

Security Management: Develop and manage systems and processes to ensure that Network Incursions are identified, resolved and reported upon. Provideinput on ensuring incursions do not reoccur.

Site Operations: Develop and manage systems and processes to Install & Maintain equipment at the Fibernetics/Worldline/295/FPL Network Sites. Ensure sites themselves are maintained in a professional manner.

System Administration: Develop and manage systems and processes to administer all of the Fibernetics/Worldline/295/FPL server systems, including all OSS/BSS/NMS/EMS administrative and Service Platform Systems. Other duties and special projects as assigned.

Essential Knowledge and Skills:

  • 4-7+ years of Network Operations, Server Operations or Network Management in a Carrier Environment.
  • 3+ years managing a team.
  • Preferred Education: University Degree or College diploma in System Administration, Computer Science or Engineering.
  • Experience with carrier network management.
  • Excellent computer skills with working knowledge of MAC (iOS) and/or PC (Windows).
  • Working knowledge of MS Office, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, & Access.
  • Working knowledge of MS Project, or comparable project management software.
  • Self-motivated and results oriented.
  • Able to work independently.
  • Excels with ambiguous situations as an opportunity to show leadership.
  • Strong team player with the ability to persuade, influence and negotiate partnerships with internal and external customers.
  • Extremely professional with excellent interpersonal, relationship, and communication skills (written, oral, and presentation).
  • Ability to overcome resistance, solve problems, and meet demanding time constraints.
  • Ability to conduct and manage multiple projects and priorities.

Our Company

fiberneticsCLEC_LogoWe are one of Canada’s fastest growing telecommunications companies and one of Waterloo Region’s emerging start-up success stories! Our rapid success has been leveraged by a marriage of established legacy systems with emerging internet protocol based technologies. This success has translated into growth and many new career opportunities and therefore we are looking for talented people to join our team!

We offer a high energy, professional yet casual work environment with the opportunity to make a difference every day. It’s an environment where everyone’s contribution is valued and rewarded. We take pride in our ability to have fun and celebrate our successes together. In return, we are looking for people who are creative and passionate about their work. Successful employees have an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for technology. If we are describing you, then consider becoming a part of the Fibernetics team!

To Apply please forward your resume and cover letter to: