How Much is Too Much to Pay for Internet?

shawMaybe we’re about to find out.

We knew it was coming, but wow! Shaw announced in the midst of the Christmas season that they were raising their rates in 2015, and yesterday they revealed their new pricing structure for their residential Internet services and the results are, well, amazing.

What Shaw has essentially done is they’ve lowered their speeds by ~ 60% yet they are charging the same prices.  For example 25Mbps used to be $60, now that only gets gets Shaw customers 15Mbps. (For reference, Worldline’s 25Mbps is $49.95/month and our 15Mbps service is $39.95/month.)

At the time of the announcement the Huffington post wrote, “the controversy over Shaw’s pricing and plans ‘is one more reason Canadians should consider switching to smaller, independent, more affordable ISPs,’ said Josh Tabish of the consumer advocacy group OpenMedia, in a statement.”

I guess he was talking about us. Someone on Reddit did the math on the actual price increase and the results are quite amazing:

Take the original 100mbps/$90 package, and the new 60mbps/$90 package, and compare the mbps/$. At that tier, customers went from paying $0.90/mbps receiving 1.11Mbps/$1.00, to paying $1.50/Mbps, receiving 0.67Mbps/$1.00.

Worldline Unlimited InternetUsing that formula how does Worldline compare? Our 60Mbps/$69.95 package works out to $1.17/Mbps or receiving 0.86Mbps/$1.00. And unlike Shaw, our service is unlimited while theirs is capped.

And so it starts.

Once one of the Big Telcos starts raising their rates, how long will it be before the others follow? At Worldline, we’re committed to providing affordable high quality, high speed and unlimited Internet to Canadians.

You are invited to check out our prices and compare on the Worldline website.

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