In Super Hero Kids We Trust

Hero_ApprovedThe thing about that we all love about kids, besides their unbearable cuteness,  cuddleability and general goofiness, is that they have trust.

Absolute, unquestionable trust.

Before they grow up, and real world issues creep in willy-nilly, and they discover that being cynical is where it’s at, that trust thing is truly remarkable.

When Worldline adopted “Super Hero Kids” as our new branding identity, sure the cuteness thing came into it big time. But underlying all that was this idea of trust.

As a company we’re looking to be trusted. It’s what we’re all about. As a relatively new kid on the block, that’s how we are going to continue to grow our 300,000 strong customer base; by getting more and more people to trust that the services we provide will be as good as “The Big Three”, yet a much better value.

How do we go about instilling that trust in potential new customers? Simple. By trusting them first.

Worldline Has No Contracts

We here at Worldline have to work hard every day to keep our customers satisfied, because the only thing keeping them with us is the quality of the services we provide. Unlike “The Big Three”, who insist on long-term complicated contracts, Worldline customers have no obligation to stay with us, but they do. We strive to earn their business every single day and by doing so we earn their trust.

Worldline Has No Credit Checks

Worldline BundleNo contracts and no credit checks? That’s how far we have taken this whole trust thing. Other companies make their customers jump through hoops to get their service. Not us. If someone has taken the time to research what Worldline is all about, we trust them to pay for what they are going to get. No tricks. No special terms and conditions. And all of our customers enjoy the same level of customer service, regardless if they are a $3.95/month Call Canada Plan or a $49.95/month Unlimited High Speed Internet & Digital Home Phone Bundle customer.

What You See is What You Get With Worldline

Finally this trust goes from the beginning to the end. If, for whatever reason, a customer decides to leave Worldline, we’re not going to try to get the last dime we can out of them. We trust the reasons that they are leaving us are reasonable. That’s why, unlike other telecom companies in Canada, we pay for the return shipping of our equipment, no questions asked.

Our kid’s trust is absolute, and at Worldline, they are our role models.


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