October Tech Challenge: Consider a Tech Upgrade

The holiday season is fast approaching and retailers have some of their best sales between now and the new year, making this the perfect time to think about upgrading your tech.

How do I know if I need a tech upgrade?

As a general rule of thumb, you should upgrade your smartphone or laptop every 3 years. Beyond age, other signs your tech may need replacing:

  • not being able to run updates,
  • paying a lot for technology fixes,
  • a general slowing down or sluggishness in the operating speed of your device

Also consider how often you use the device in question and how much it would improve your personal or work life if the device was upgraded.

Ok, I need to upgrade. How do I decide what to buy?

Cost: One of the first considerations: what’s your budget? Is it worth spending the money for the latest and greatest, or would a refurbished, year-old device serve you and your budget just as well?

Needs: If you have multiple devices you think need upgrading, ask which device would create the most disruption to your life if it were lost or stolen. The answer will tell you which device is the most valuable to you and is, potentially, the one that should receive an upgrade.

Laptop, watch, phone, headphones on desk. Photo by Austin Poon

Take stock of what tech you have and what needs to be replaced and then wait for the sales to start!

Manufacturer: Do you have an iPhone and wonder if you’re missing out by not having an Android? Have you always bought Dell computers but think the new MacBook looks pretty awesome? It’s always worth looking at other manufacturers, even if you’ve been loyal to the same company for years.

Take an honest assessment about what you love about your current device and what you think could be improved, and then take a look at the competition. Read reviews and research the highest praise and biggest complaints for each manufacturer or device you’re considering. And don’t forget about the warranty and support.

That being said, compatibility is another factor. Generally your life is easier if your devices can talk to each other. You can create connectivity between incompatible devices, but that takes some tech savvy and time.

So when should I buy?

Having made the decision to buy something new and knowing what you want, it can be hard to wait. Fortunately for you, three of the best sales days for purchasing tech are still to come. Between Black Friday (Friday November 26), Cyber Monday (Monday November 29), and Boxing Day sales, you’re bound to find a deal.

We’ll see you next month for another tech challenge. In the meantime, good luck and happy shopping!


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