Superheroes Unite to Support the KidsAbility Foundation

Batman, Spiderman, Superman and company all cleared their crime-fighting schedules to attend and support the second annual KidsAbility Superhero Run this past Sunday, June 21st.

Worldline, alongside many superheroes, was present for this extremely special occasion. The KidsAbility event occurred at Exhibition Park in Guelph and participants completed either a 5K run or a 1K run/walk to show their support for this great cause.

Worldline employees had an exceptional experience at an event which was filled with laughter and sunshine. Worldline setup various carnival games which children could play, including the Big Kahuna Slide, an activity that looked so fun it was tempting to all the parents present as well.

KidsAbility is an organization which empowers youth with various special needs to attain their full potential. KidsAbility has been able to help and support over 5,800 youth every year. Worldline was proud to sponsor the KidsAbility Superhero Run and is honoured to be affiliated with such an incredible organization. This year’s event was a great success, as KidsAbility was able to raise over $60,000 to support their cause and foundation.

Watch the CTV coverage to see some of the highlights of the event: CTV Superhero Run Coverage


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