Taking on giants By Richard Branson

 – Jul 25, 2013

What does an upstart need to take on a giant and win? Nothing but bravery, good people and a great idea. If you have a brilliant team around you, are determined to make it work and develop a concept that will genuinely have a positive impact upon people’s lives, then nothing can stop you.

I loved Luke Johnson’s recent FT article about cutting titans down to size. He contested a Wall Street Journal piece suggesting that new entrepreneurs don’t have the animal spirit to succeed: “Ingenuity and ambition are all that the pioneer needs to take on established businesses.” He also questioned the assumption that large corporations make it tough for new companies to get a foothold.

Big, stale industries that are set in their ways are ripe for disruption. The well-known players will have got used to succeeding without reinventing or innovation. A superb new idea with superior customer service, marketed in a refreshing way, will be able to cut through the competition. As Luke puts it: “The tendency towards consolidation creates opportunities for innovative newcomers.”


Whatever the sector, there are opportunities just waiting to be seized. The established giants can’t stop you – in fact, the only one who can hold you back is yourself.

By . Founder of Virgin Group

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