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Maintenance Windows

Below are details of maintenance windows that may impact your service along with instructions on what to do in the event that your service is affected.

Cable Internet Maintenance Windows

An update will be performed on the equipment supporting Worldline's Cable Internet service across Ontario.

This update will be performed on different dates depending on the area. On the day of the update, Worldline Cable Internet service within the area will become unavailable for 15 to 30 minutes sometime between 2:00 AM to 6:00 AM EST.

If you experience issues with your service after the scheduled maintenance window for your area, your modem may need to be power cycled. To do so, please unplug the modem power supply, and reconnect it after 20 seconds.

Below are the schedule of the maintenance based on the area:

Area Date
Argentia 08-Jul
Cambridge 08-May
Pefferlaw 08-Jul
Bolton 08-Jul
Keswick 24-Jul
Orangeville 09-Jul
Stratford 09-Jul
Fallowfield 10-Jul to 13-Jul
Alliston 14-Jul
Orillia 14-Jul
Woodstock 21-Jul
Barrie Wilkie 08-Apr
Barrie Sperling 08-Apr
Hamilton-Hester 08-Apr
Markham 23-Apr to 25-Apr
Woodbridge 25-Apr & 26-Apr
Guelph 12-May & 13-May
Newmarket 13-May & 14-May
Ottawa-Richmond Road 15-May, 17-May, 18-May
Brantford 22-May & 23-May
Collingwood 23-May & 24-May
Ajax 05-May to 07-May
St Laurent 01-May to 05-May
Wolfedale 30-May to 03-Jun
York Mills 03-Jun to 08-Jun
Kitchener 09-Jun to 11-Jun
McNicoll 11-Jun to 14-Jun
Greensboro 15-Jun to 17-Jun
Etobicoke 17-Jun to 21-Jun
Dupont 22-Jun to 24-Jun
London 27-Apr to 30-Apr
Comstock 24-Jun to 29-Jun, 03-Jul
Bloor 03-Jul to 07-Jul
Hansen 09-May to 12-May
New Dundee 08-Jul
Newkirk 25-May to 27-May
Pine Ridge 28-May to 30-May
Campbellville 20-Jul