Normal Usage Policy

Worldline’s Normal Usage Policy will help customers understand the intended and permissible use of its service, and to prevent exploitation, fraud and abuse of unlimited calling plans and features. Unlimited long distance plans are for normal residential or personal, non-commercial use only. This means that only the account holder and/or residential family member may use the plan.

Worldline’s residential customers normally use fewer than 2,000 minutes per month, and do not have any unusual usage patterns. Therefore, a customer’s aggregate (total) usage may be considered outside of normal residential use if it exceeds 2,000 minutes per month.

Calls to destinations in India, limited to 1,000 minutes per month, are included in the 2,000 minutes per month. This means that once 1,000 minutes of calling to destinations in India has been reached, customers will still be able to continue to call other worldwide destinations for 1,000 minutes.

Worldline reserves the right to revise this Normal Usage Policy at any time. Changes in policy become effective once the policy is posted on the company’s website.