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Worldline takes pride in keeping customers happy by providing the most affordable and reliable services in Canada. Worldline offers the best internet packages complete with unlimited bandwidth! All Worldline Home Phone & Internet Bundles include unlimited Canada wide Long Distance calling and all premium phone features at no additional cost.

Unlimited High Speed Internet

High Speed DSL - Starting from $14.95*

High Speed Cable - Starting from $39.95

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Premium Home Phone and Internet Bundle

High Speed DSL and Home Phone Bundles - Starting from $19.95*

High Speed Cable and Home Phone Bundles - Starting from $44.95

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Long Distance Services

Unlimited Call Canada Long Distance - Only $3.95 per month

Unlimited Call the World Long Distance - Only $14.95 per month

Dial Around - Pay as you go - Call Around the World from $0.02 a minute

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Digital Home Phone

Digital Home Phone Basic - Only $9.95 per month

Digital Home Phone Canada - Only $14.95 per month

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Unlimited Dial-Up Internet

Dial-Up - Only $5.95 per month

Turbo Dial-Up - Only $8.95 per month

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Looking for TV Service?

We are proud to announce our partnership with Shaw Direct Satellite TV. Shaw Direct is a leading Canadian provider of digital satellite television with more than 900,000 subscribers. Today, subscribers can choose over 650 audio and video channels. They also have access to over 10,000 on-demand TV and movie choices, plus pay-per-view movies and events. Click here to view Shaw Direct TV offerings.

*Save Big This Holiday Season Promotional pricing valid for 6 months. $20 off for 6 months promotion is limited to Unlimited DSL and Unlimited DSL & Home Phone Bundle plans. Offer valid for new customers only. Limited time offer. Promotion may change without notice. Restrictions may apply.

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Albert G. - Kanata