Canada's Superhero Phone & Internet Company

Meet Canada’s Superhero Phone and Internet Company

Worldline is one of Canada’s fastest growing Internet Service Providers (ISP) offering reliable, low cost residential DSL Internet, Cable Internet, Home Phone, and bundle service packages across Canada. As Canada’s superhero phone and internet company, Worldline is committed to providing high quality, unlimited and flat rate services at significantly discounted rate s compared to the big guys.

Why Wait: Stay Connected with Bulk

Do you own or manage a multi-dwelling unit in Canada? Worldline wants to offer solutions that will improve internet speeds and add significant value to your building.

Ensure your next building is fibre-ready. We’ll help modernize your property with fast connectivity and wireless access without having to spend an outrageous amount. Worldline will tailor wireless managed internet solutions to meet your needs and ensure that connections are available immediately to residents.

Don’t suffer from outdated infrastructure that limit the internet capabilities available to your residents. Modify your property to satisfy high-speed internet standards by bringing bulk connectivity directly into your building.

Complete Billing Solutions

It’s time to start treating internet like you treat other utilities.

Bulk internet helps you choose whether you charge residents for internet access, give it away for free, or both.We provide you with complete billing solutions that allow you to pay less and manage one main billing account. Boost your revenue potential with service management margins and provide personalized solutions for you tenants with digital hardware that meets their individual needs.

Bulk internet packages for commercial and residential properties means owners and residents save money each month. Our MDU Internet packages are not only fast, but unlimited – download and upload as much as you want, with no extra costs!

Bulk Internet Services Tailored To You!

Student Housing

Stay connected to your campus

These days, students expect more communication options when choosing their accommodations. Students want fast and reliable services throughout their entire unit. Offer them premium service that keeps them connected with fast speeds even in remote areas. By offering students unique amenities like high-speed internet, phone and television, you’ll reduce churn and increase retention rates.

Retirement Homes

Give your residents a superior experience.

Deliver user-friendly, high-speed internet access to your residents, keeping them comfortable and happy. Our simple solutions will help residents stay in touch with friends and family. By installing wireless equipment throughout common areas such as lobbies, cafeterias, living area, gyms, etc., residents can constantly stay connected, everywhere they go.

Apartments and Condominiums

Save residents money on their bills.

Offer residents internet connection throughout the entire building - it’s an opportunity that owners of multi-dwelling units just cannot avoid. Modernize your facility by joining the fastest growing network in Canada. Allow owners and residents to experience the most convenient and reliable internet in Canada the moment they move in.

Hotels, RVs & Marinas

No more codes and no more fuse.

We offer solutions that can be customised to fit your overall needs. Allow your guest to enjoy fast, reliable and affordable connections by deliver high-speed wireless access everywhere. We’ll supply the equipment you need -- plus we’ll install it for you.

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