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No contracts. Choose the package that suits you.

Superhero Bundles

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Our Superhero bundles represent our best value deals. Add in TV, home phone, or both to create the ultimate superhero bundle.

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Choose from an extensive range of premium bundles

You can add any of the following premium bundles to your plan.

Create a custom bundle

Choose from over 70 channels

Create your own custom channel bundle!
Choose any 5 channels for just $15/month.

And more…
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TV Service without the traditional expense

How does an inexpensive, no strings attached cable alternative sound? Great, right? That’s what we thought.

All of our iptv plans are provided by Atop Television

At a fraction of the average cable TV price, Worldline and ATOP TV have collaborated to provide you just that — a new and innovative way to use cable TV in a simple “plug-in & play” fashion.

  • It’s legal
  • It’s appropriately licensed
  • It’s super cool

If you’re trying to find an affordable TV service without losing your favourite channels, or tired of paying too much for channels that you don’t even watch, we are here to turn your frustration into SMILES.


Join in two simple steps

  1. Hook your device up to your TV
  2. Download the lightweight application from the Roku or Apple Store

That’s all it takes for you to be able to enjoy premium quality TV!


A full list of all of the channels available on the Atop platform