Call Canada Long Distance

Call Canada with the Unlimited Call Canada Plan

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Unlimited Canada Wide Calling

Many Canadians don’t know about the in inexpensive alternative to calling cards or expensive per minute rates for calling across Canada. The unlimited two-stage Call Canada Plan can be used either on your mobile or landline phone by dialing local access numbers provided by Worldline. Whether you’re calling for a few minutes or few hours, feel confident that you will be only paying a flat rate of $3.95/month and not having to worry about a surprise long distance bill ever again.

Plans Include:

  • Unlimited* calling in Canada
  • No need to switch phone companies
  • Instant activation
  • Low flat monthly rate
  • Call Landlines and mobile destinations in Canada*

Long Distance Access Phone Numbers

A full list of long distance access phone numbers is available below:

* Excluding Nunavut, Yukon and Northwest Territories

This service is for residential use only. Please read the Normal Usage Policy and Terms and Conditions.