Dial Around from 2¢ per minute

Call Anywhere, Anytime in Canada, USA and the World for Less

or simply call 1-855-299-0025

Just Dial 10-11-295 Before the Number You are Dialing

A dial around number allows you to dial around your current long distance provider without having to switch phone companies. By dialing 10-11-295 you save, anytime to anywhere.

Simply dial 10-11-295 before the number you want and the charge will appear automatically on your Bell bill. Try it now!

Call Canada and US for 2¢ a minute & 50+ Countries for as low as 3¢ a minute*.

Please refer to the Worldwide Calling Long Distance Rates page to check the latest call rates.

How to Place a Call

1. First dial 10-11-295 then the entire number you want
2. Simply hold as we connect your call
3. Savings appear as “Worldline” on your Bell Canada bill
4. No new bills to pay – convenient!


Q. Why should I use 10-11-295?
A. 10-11-295 has great International and North American rates. Our low rates are the same any time of day, you do not need to switch phone companies and there are no additional or hidden charges.

Q. Will 10-11-295 affect my local and long distance plans?
A. No. Your current services will not change if you use 10-11-295, though your long distance bill should be much less when you dial 10-11-295 before the call.

Q. How do I find out if 10-11-295 is available to me?
A. To use 10-11-295 you must be a Bell Canada customer for your local home phone service and live in either Ontario or Quebec.

Q. What if I call with 10-11-295 and no one picks up? Will I still be charged for the call?
A. No. With 10-11-295 you only pay for connected calls to either a person a voice mail system or an answering machine.

Q. What if I forget to dial 10-11-295 before my call?
A. You will be billed by your current provider.

Q. What increments does 10-11-295 use to bill its calls?
A. 10-11-295 bills by the minute. For example if you call for three minutes and forty-five seconds, you are billed for four minutes.

Q. How does 10-11-295 work?
A. When you dial 10-11-295 before the call Bell Canada allows 10-11-295 to process the call. We find the lowest cost route for you and complete the call. Bell Canada bills and collects as they do now using our lower rates.

Q. When do my 10-11-295 charges appear on my Bell bill?
A. Your charges will appear within 1 to 2 months from the date of the call.

Q. If I use a company different from my local phone company for long distance, can I still use 10-11-295 ?
A. Yes. 10-11-295’s super low rates are always available to you by dialing 10-11-295 before your call. This way you save with our low rates.

Q. Do I wait for a dial tone after I dial 10-11-295 before I dial the long distance number?
A. No. Just dial 10-11-295 then 1, the area code and the number you want for calls within North America. For overseas calls dial 10-11-295 + 011 + country code + city code + number for international calling.

Q. Are there any calling restrictions such as time-of-day?
A. No. 10-11-295’s super low rates apply 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

Q. Can I send faxes using 10-11-295?
A. Yes! 10-11-295 you can place calls or send faxes for the same super low rate!

Q. Can I use 10-11-295 when traveling?
A. No. Your local home provider does the billing.

Q. How do 10-11-295 calls appear on my Bell bill?
A. 10-11-295 will appear on your regular bell phone bill. This way you always know it was a 10-11-295 call and that you saved money.

Q. Is 10-11-295 affiliated with my local phone company?
A. No. 10-11-295 calls are placed with all the major telecoms and that is 10-11-295’s only connection to these companies.

Q. What are country code terminations?
A. A country code termination is an international toll number given to certain institutions in many countries. They include, banks, universities, hospitals, army bases, and government institutions.

Q. Why are 10-11-295’s rates lower than what I pay now?
A. 10-11-295 shops the best rates and buys bulk minutes from suppliers for you. We pass the savings on to you when you dial 10-11-295.

Q. Are there any hidden charges?
A. No. We do charge a minimum of 35 cents per call to recover Bell billing costs. There is nothing hidden with 10-11-295.

* Rates subject to change without notice, see Dial Around 10-11-295 Terms and Conditions.

You must have a Bell Canada telephone line and reside in the province of Ontario or Quebec. Higher rates may apply to special country codes or mobile numbers and a $0.35 minimum charge applies per call. Touch tone service is also required, see Dial Around 10-11-295 Terms and Conditions for further details

This service is for residential use only. Please read the Normal Usage Policy and Terms and Conditions.