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Mobile Protection for Kids

Protect your children by using the latest technology to block many known websites and applications that you don’t want your children visiting.

No special devices required: all you need is a mobile service from us! Mobile data travels through the Worldline network, where it is filtered and blocked on the device.

On top of keeping your children safe on their mobile device, experience the peace of mind to be able to know where your children are at any time.

Your child carries a small device, and you just text your code to a special phone number to see their location.

Coming soon!

LTE Backup for Voice

Our NEWT LTE Backup for businesses offers a cost-effective solution for the automated recovery of voice services if the primary circuit supporting a NEWT Managed PBX solution should go offline. Our proven NEWT WAN Failover service uses a NEWT Managed Router at the customer site to intelligently move voice traffic from a NEWT circuit over to the NEWT wireless LTE service in the event of a loss of WAN connectivity.

Experience the same peace of mind at home. Working remotely? You can ensure that your voice connection stays online even when the Internet goes down. Learn more below.

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