How do I access and use my voicemail?

Basic Information:
  • Maximum mailbox time - 20 minutes.
  • Maximum number of messages - 20 messages.
  • Maximum message length - 120 seconds.
  • Messages are stored for seven (7) days

Getting Started:

Every account comes with voicemail. You will require your voicemail password to access your configuration and messages menu.

Retrieving Your Messages:

  1. When someone has left you a message, the "message waiting" lamp/light will light up or flash (depending on your phone). If you do not have a phone with message waiting light, when you pick up the phone there will be a "stutter" dial tone.
  2. To retrieve the messages from your home telephone, dial *98 and follow the prompts for retrieving your messages.

Note: You can hang up at any time while listening to your messages and your messages will not be deleted. Messages are only deleted when you manually delete them, by pressing 7 during or after message playback. Saved messages are retained for seven days.

Voicemail FAQ

Question: How do I access voicemail outside my home?
Answer: Call your local telephone number and at the voicemail message recording hit "*", the system will prompt you for your password. Enter your password.
Question: Can I setup voicemail to Email?
Answer: Unfortunately we don't yet offer voicemail to email for our landline phone service. However, this feature is available with our digital phone service.
Question: How can I change my voice mailbox password?
Answer: Once into the voicemail main menu press "0" for "Mailbox options", then press "5" to "Change your password