It’s Official: Canada is No. 1 (Like we had to be told)


OTTAWA —┬áCanada is No. 1

That’s our reputation around the world, anyway, as a Reputation Institute global survey puts Canada in first place for the third year in the row.

“Canada’s results confirm that it is only possible to maintain a strong reputation in the long term when a country has the ability to transmit its leadership globally in each of the three key areas: an effective government, an advanced economy and an appealing environment,” said Fernando Prado, managing partner at the institute.

Sweden came in second, followed by Switzerland and Australia. The US weighed in at number 22, up from 23 last year.

“A country’s reputation is its calling card,” Canadian Tourism Commission president Michele McKenzie said.

But Reputation Institute director Rob Jekielek says that the responses of the 27,000 people who took the survey are “very emotional” and based on what people think they know about the different countries and not what they know.

Canada ranked high for its natural environment but low for the lack of well-known brands originating here.


It’s great that the rest of the world has finally caught up with us in knowing we live in the greatest country on earth!*

From all of us here at Worldline, Happy Canada Day Everybody!

*Not that we would ever say that of course.


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