5% of Canadians Cut the Cable over the past year

netflix-logoAccording to the Huffington Post, Canadians aren’t using scissors to cut their cable TV subscriptions, they’re using weed whackers.

The news portal reports that between Shaw and Rogers, they’ve lost nearly 200,000 cable subscribers in the past year.

Rogers’ latest quarterly report, released this week, showed the company lost 111,000 TV subscriptions over the past year, or about 5 per cent of their TV customers.

Shaw lost 82,000 over nearly the same period, or 4 per cent of their total. Its satellite TV service, Shaw Direct, lost 6,600 customers. If Rogers’ and Shaw’s experience is typical, this would suggest nearly one in 20 Canadian households ditched cable TV over the past year.

Both companies managed to offset some of the loss with gains in internet subscribers. Rogers gained 51,000 new internet subscribers, while Shaw saw 71,000 more “standalone” internet customers, meaning internet but no cable.

The new earnings reports illustrate the impact of the cord-cutting phenomenon. The CRTC, Canada’s telecom watchdog, said earlier this year that 2013 marked the first time total cable subscriptions in Canada declined.

Broadband Internet is the inevitable choice for Canadians, as they are getting their video entertainment elsewhere, instead of from traditional television providers. As these kind of “over the top” services become more and more available, Canadians are going to be spending more on their Internet, as artificial bandwidth caps have been introduced by all the major telecom players as compensation for lost business.

Worldline is benefiting from this trend as more and more Canadians are discovering that they can have unlimited high speed Internet at a lower cost than even the base plans from the big three.

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