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WLRLast July, I posted A Worldline Review on this blog. Frankly, it was in response to a negative review that was posted online about us that we considered unfair. The basic point of the post was, for every negative review, we receive a ton more positive, yet it’s only ones trashing us that draw traffic. The old squeaky wheel thing.

Since then that particular post gets read a bunch of times every day from folks looking for a Worldline review.

And it still receives comments all the time. Like this morning for a fella named George:

You say 72% of viewers believe what they read?

I think in your case the viewers maybe right as for every good review I read there is at least 10 bad ones?

I have found over the past 10 yrs. online reviews I have scouted have been 90% accurate & for this reason will not pursue your company for our business!

Negative reviews are simply going to happen. Google “iPhone sucks” and you’re get 69-million responses. What we know is, if a company is not listening to its negative reviews, they’re shooting themselves in your foot.

Here’s my response to George:

Hey there George, thanks for the feedback. This Worldline Review column was posted almost 8 months ago, yet it still is read a bunch of times every single day by Canadians looking for an alternative to ISP’s like Bell or Rogers. That’s very cool because it’s proving that more and more Canadians are finally coming to the realization that they don’t have to take it anymore and are looking for alternatives – like Worldline.

That said, you can trust me on this one, we pay attention to all our reviews a lot closer that you do. Although your numbers are off, (our positive reviews far outnumber the negative ones), we actually appreciate our negative reviews.

Why? Not because we’re masochists, it’s because we learn from them. The feedback from our customers, especially the ones that are having issues, provides us with the information we need to make Worldline better, to improve our processes and as a result, provide better service to our customers.

That’s what we’re all about. Providing the best possible service we can, and we’re very proud of what we do, (and if I do say so myself, justifiably so).

There are a handful of negative reviews that stand out – some do for years  – however for a bunch of those cases, their anger was caused because we cut off their service. No need to get into the “why,” but they ranted and that’s just a part of doing business.

There are a number out there however that were completely justified. Those people had legitimate service complaints because we were letting them down in some way. Here’s the thing though George; we most likely fixed what was wrong when they posted their complaint and they are still with us (our churn rate is the best in the industry), or we were unable to provide them the service they were looking for because, well, we simply couldn’t.

It’s unfortunate when that happens, but, for example 99.9% of our Internet service tickets are due to legacy infrastructure issues, meaning some folks live in places where getting broadband Internet is a dodgy prospect at best and regardless of who their provider is, their service would still be, by most standards, sub-par.

(There’s good news for those people, the federal budget just allocated billions to broadband infrastructure so those cases will become rarer and rarer in the future.)

George, Worldline is growing at an almost exponential rate, and the reason for almost half of that amazing expansion is due to our existing customers referring their friends and family to us.

Ask yourself, would you refer a friend or a family member to a service that sucks?

Those are the reviews we treasure, and rely on most.

All that said, of course no company is perfect. We still screw up from time to time. How we’re trying to be different is, we’re dedicating ourselves to be the most customer-focused ISP in the country, period.

We are on a mission and that is to be the choice for Canadians for their telecom needs not just because we have Unlimited Internet and Long Distance at a fair price; but because we are single best company in the country to work with. We want them to ask themselves, “why would I be with anyone else?”

This “why” is what we’re all about in 2014.

George, if you have any questions, please give our customer service people a shout. They’ll be happy to hook you up with the Worldline service that best fits your needs, and we’ll do our very best to be the best Internet and home phone service provider you’ve ever had.


11 thoughts on “Another Worldline Review

  1. When I was scoping out Worldline as a service provider I saw many negative reviews. I went on to use Worldline and am convinced bad reviews are left by competitors trying to dissuade new customers. I am so pleased with my services and customer service! Unbeatable prices, helpful staff and excellent service–I get faster, more reliable internet and more phone features than Rogers–at 30% less the cost. I can also call anywhere in Canada for free–something I never got with Rogers or Bell. Worldline will continue to grow–because Worldline works for and deserves it’s customers!

  2. Been with Worldline for 4 months now and have not had ONE problem! Price of services saved us $40/month for 3X the internet speed. All features included on crystal clear phone. Install was on time and super fast. Whoever says that Worldlines customer service is bad is WRONG. Our jack was accidentally broken a few days after install. I went right to head office in Cambridge (I live close to it) to find out where i could purchase a replacement. One of the techs gave me a new one free of charge and instructions on how to do it. When I offered to pay, he said it’s called customer service. Haven’t had that level of service in a very long time…..anywhere. I hope the thank you and glowing review I wrote made it to Mr.Schnarr. This company’s business model is one that others should study, in my opinion. Proud to support this local company in the most cutthroat services market out there.

  3. I’ve had worldline and I have not had functioning service since day 1. I keep getting page cannot be displayed and phone is all crackling can never hear person on other end because it sounds like it is under water. I keep getting kicked off Netflix because the internet cannot keep up and noone seems to help. Called 3 times. Cancelling my service and moving on to bigger and better. This company is BS

    • Hey there windy,

      Can you send in your account details, just a phone number will do, and I’ll get your case elevated to our highest levelof tech support. Sorry to hear about your issues. We’ll get you fixed up if we can. Cheers – Gavin

  4. I have been with Worldline for about three months and have not had a single issue. And my computer is so old I was accused of pinching it from a museum.

  5. My daughter has been with Worldline for over a year with zero complaints.
    I just hooked up with Worldline and can honestly say their Customer Service is EXCELLENT. The rates are very good. I referred my daughter and she received a discount on her service for a year, that’s unheard of. Nothing to loose.
    Thank you Worldline.

  6. I’ve had some issues with my internet in the beginning, but I called them and they fixed it, I’m happy with the service so far and I did recommended the service to some friends and they got it, I thought i would get some kind of deal or something after doing that but I didn’t.

    I’m paying $36 a month now but every-time I get the bills. it says, (i have 1 month un till they increase my bill.) if they do im gonna have to leave them but so far I’m happy with what I pay :)

  7. A more comprehensive explanation on how a new customer gets system running would make the process more user friendly Tell them they must call world line and have access to a phone to access service that they will not receive any incoming calls for twenty four hours possibly and this is normal that it is no longer Req. to call access number for long distance service is great in the end but many calls to technical support before this happens Two of the tech employees did not know it takes twenty four hours before incoming calls are ported

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