backpacks for kids is back – and bigger than ever!

In June of 2013 Worldline’s president, John Stix, named “backpacks for kids” our official charity. “backpacks for kids” started humbly enough. John, and Peter Cross, who runs the Fibernetics Contact Centre in Dominican Republic, made a very surprising discovery. In the Dominican Republic every child may attend school, however there is a minimum requirement to be met; the family must supply a school uniform, books and supplies. Unfortunately, many families do not have the necessary resources meaning their children are kept out of school. The end result is, thousands of DR kids are having their futures compromised because of a lack of education.

John and Pete decided to do something about it. They would buy a whole bunch of backpacks and school supplies and give them to the kids who needed them. It started off small enough, with just a handful of kids taken care of, but over the next several years, more and more kids were provided for. Last year, when it became our official charity, (You can check out last year’s slide show HERE), the total number of kids they had helped over the years stood at 130.

This year – they almost surpassed that total tally, providing an amazing 120 kids with all they need to get educated.

It was a team effort. For the month of June Worldline donated $5.00 for each new Bundle sale and $3.00 for every home phone sale directly to the charity. Fibernetics staff held a number of fundraisers as well.

John is thrilled. “Thanks to everyone on the Worldline team for their work and energy for helping build “backpacks for kids” into what it is today.”

backpacks for kids is growing every year and with a clear purpose, defined by the quote from Nelson Mandela that Pete had printed on the back of the event’s t-shirt:

Pete and his daughter Zoe gearing up

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