Canadian Business: A happy office is about more than just adding a ping-pong table

Ping Pong…although we do have one, (and it’s really great)

Fibernetics, Worldline’s parent company, was profiled in Canadian Business Magazine about the culture change the company went through last year, and the impact it had on management, the employees and the business.

This is the money quote from Fibernetics President John Stix:

The company has hit new sales records each month since the corporate relaunch, and customer complaints are at an all-time low, Stix says. HR concerns have dropped by 70%. This quarter alone, Fibernetics’ looks set to grow by 50%, Stix says.

“My mission now is to show leaders if you’re sitting on the fence about caring about people—and showing that you care—just do it. And if you don’t care, you should still do it because it dramatically affects the bottom line.”

Worldline just had its best Q1 in company history, adding tons of new customers who now can benefit from our quality services like our Unlimited High Speed Internet, amazing price point and over the top customer care.

The workplace culture initiative that John introduced last year is having a remarkable impact on the company. For more on what John did, and why, please read the entire article here, and then share it.

With your boss for example.

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