Consumers in Canada Tune Out of TV, Don’t Drop Out of Online Video Viewing

Apr 26, 2013 (eMarketer)Cord-cutters on the rise, still a small share of population

Cord-cutting is coming to Canada—if slowly.

Media Technology Monitor reported that the share of the total population in Canada without a TV subscription service or off-air TV rose 1 percentage point in 2012 to 8%, after doubling in 2011 to 7%. That’s still a small share of the overall population, but it represents a growing number of residents who have decided they can still get all the TV programming they want without the subscription they don’t.

Media Technology Monitor noted that while these cord-cutters may be cancelling subscriptions (or, in the case of many younger residents, simply never setting cable service up when they set up house), they aren’t giving up TV content. They’re turning to the internet to stream shows to PCs, mobile devices and traditional television sets instead.

Cord-cutters are on the rise and TV providers clearly must address how they are going about their business.

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One thought on “Consumers in Canada Tune Out of TV, Don’t Drop Out of Online Video Viewing

  1. Worldline should start getting TV content. Packages like cable and stream channels through there system… That would be good bye cable for me ….

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