Level 3 Super Hero Award winner: Yari Pichardo

Yari Super Hero AwardOur Level 3 Support team are a group of dedicated tech support specialists working out of our Cambridge, Ontario head office.

They work daily with our customer support crew at the Fibernetics Call Centre with a common goal: to provide Worldline customers the best care and service in the industry.

Earlier this year they initiated a new program called the Level 3 Superhero Award to recognize outstanding contributions from support staff. Marlen Garcia was November’s recipient and now it’s time to announce the latest winner.

From the Level 3 Team:

Here at Worldline, we are constantly improving our service and working to enhance our customer interaction. One of the metrics we monitor is how our customer service representatives are working to make any call to us a positive experience.

We are very proud of how our customer service team continues to surpass our expectations and are VERY excited with the growth of their skill sets and direction they are taking. Especially now, considering how Worldline continues to set record-breaking months from our sales team. Today, we would like to recognize one of our wonderful colleagues.

We would like to introduce you all to Yari Pichardo. Yari works in our contact center and primarily helps our customers with billing  issues and questions.

A detail oriented service professional, Yari crosses all t’s and dots every i looking to resolve every call then and there and as quickly as possible.

Previously when preparing to present this award, we review a number of our  Customer Service reps work in order to determine who best deserves to win. This month is different as we were approached by a member of our billing team:

“The revenue assurance team believes that Yari deserves recognition.  Not only from her outstanding work with her EDI payments but also the quality of her tickets and her outgoing personality.”

Yari shows accountability for her work and is always trying to resolve anything a customer needs help with. She has a very positive attitude and demonstrates a drive to get better every day.

Yari walks the walk and means it when she says “I’m in”.

Yari Pichardo

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