Xbox One or PlayStation 4? There’s something you should know…

xbox-one-vs-ps4-578-80The top two Christmas “must haves” both dropped late in November when Microsoft’s Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 launched virtually simultaneously.

It’s a battle royal for the eyes and thumbs of the latest gaming generation, yet both are going to create a serious issue for the players, or more likely the player’s parents, if they aren’t prepared.

Both are serious gaming machines. Both utilize the latest in graphic technology, but more importantly, both are complete and unadulterated Internet pigs.

They suck up bandwidth like crazy!

Once upon a time choosing gaming consoles used to be a simple, straight forward proposition. Open the box, plug it in and start playing. But with both the Xbox One and the PS4, the manufacturers are playing up their cloud services and Internet dependent features, like content sharing and, in Xbox’s case, the ability to play games as they download – and those games? They are HUGE.

For the families who have service providers that cap their data, that could mean that, even within the first few hours of use, their kid could blow through the limit and then they are getting hit anywhere fromĀ $0.50 to $4 per gigabyte over the cap.

Then there are the speeds limits. Once upon a time Internet users didn’t have to worry too much about upload speeds. If they weren’t super users, like P2P devotees, or telecommuters who use FTP to transfer massive data files, the Internet was always “fast enough”.

wl_save_internetNot any longer. NETFLIX is already hugely popular in Canada, and speed is essential for even tolerable viewing. Now add in the Xbox One and Playstation 4 in to the mix, who are introducing an interactive, social gaming community that includes the ability to record and upload clips from gaming sessions. This kind of connectivity demands fast connections.

Combined, these new gaming consoles demand that their users have unlimited high speed Internet. Otherwise they will be a) unbelievably expensive to operate and b) the gaming experience will be terrible.

These two “next gen” consoles are going to battle it out for dominance in the gaming industry, but regardless of which one wins, for the folks who are paying to play, these high-tech Internet suckers puts a whole new take on “buyer beware.”


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