My Life as a Worldline Intern by Brendan Mann

Brendan Mann

Brendan Mann

What is it like to be a co-op student at Worldline?

It might be best to begin with some background information about myself, so I will begin this in the exact same way that I began the interview that got me here. My name is Brendan Mann, and I just finished the second year of my Business Administration degree at Wilfrid Laurier University. As a result of my efforts in my first year, I was accepted into Laurier’s Co-op program, giving me the opportunity to earn valuable work experience during the semesters in which I do not attend classes.

It is very difficult to judge a company based solely on a job posting, so the only glimpse an applicant gets into what their life at work may be like is during the interview, if they are lucky enough to be granted one. For me, the interview for Fibernetics won me over.

It has now been 6 months since that interview, and almost 2 months since I began working here, and the same things that got my interest during the interview are what keep me happy and engaged at work. To put it simply, it is fun to work here. The office is efficient and professional but never seems to take itself too seriously.

My job title is “Marketing Analyst – Co-op”, and the majority of my work is focused on the residential brand, Worldline. Much of what I do is based on numbers and spreadsheets, raw data and charts. What I have learned during my short tenure here, however, is that there is so much more to these numbers than what is immediately apparent. My job is to derive from these numbers a story of how the company has done, how we are currently doing, and predict how we are going to do in the future. Changes and decisions are then made in order to steer the company along its desired path.

That being said, while I greatly value my job, and the responsibility that has been given to me, when I think of “what it means to work at Fibernetics”, my job description is not the first thing that comes to mind, as it is only a small part of the bigger picture. The most prominent characteristic of working here is, without a doubt, the culture. Working here is being part of the team and part of a family. It seems that I started at a great time, with CMO John Stix making a big push to promote workplace culture. Everyone is “buying in”, from the management and ownership, down to the interns. BBQ’s, parties, lunches, contests, videos and random dancing are all fair game when you work here. It is a unique combination of meaningful, real-world working experience, and goofing around and having fun, which I find to be so fulfilling. It is the textbook definition of “work hard, play hard”, and I love it.

It is going to be a sad day for me when it’s time to leave Fibernetics and go back to school in the fall, but I will be somewhat comforted in knowing what I take with me. The experience I get here is unlike that which many students get at other places of employment. Many companies use co-op students for menial tasks such as filing or copying piles of documents, but I have yet to even be asked to do something like this. Getting real-world experience doing real work is all that I can ask for from Fibernetics, and they deliver beyond what I could have ever have imagined for myself. I’ve learned how to not only take responsibility for work, but also take pride in it, and I’ve learned how to work well on my own as well as working together in an office.

Working here has been, and will continue to be a great adventure for me, and when it’s over it will have helped me prepare for my next big adventure.

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