The Countdown to Monday is On!

To be perfectly honest with you, we kind of blew it with what we’re going to announce on Monday, because we’re not just announcing one big thing, but two. The timing is terrible but they are both ready to go faster than expected so we’re not going to sit on one of them.

Most companies would dine out on something this big for months because of all the traction it will get, but not us.

No, when we have something ready to go, we release it as soon as we can, even if it doesn’t make much marketing sense because we are in the business of saving Canadians money.

And the faster these two suckers get out there, the more money they will save.

This is yet another demonstration of Worldline’s philosophy of “Positive Disruption” of the Canadian telecom industry, because we have all been paying way too much for way too long.

On Monday, we’re going to get as many Canadians right as we can. They deserve it.


10 a.m. Eastern time. Monday. Be here.

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