The CRTC comes through for Worldline’s High-Speed Unlimited Customers


We love you. We really, really love you!

It’s not too often when you get to say, “gee, I love my government,” but today you can, at least in relation to your data costs.

If you are a Worldline Unlimited High-Speed Internet customer that is.

For folks signed up to some other Internet Service Providers… well, not so much.

What makes us different from many other ISP’s is this; we are exclusively using something called a “Digital Subscriber Line” or DSL to provide Internet service to our customers.

And yesterday, Canada’s telecommunications watchdog ruled that our DSL customers have been paying way too much for their Internet, (which is something we’ve been saying for years by the way).

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission announced Thursday it has established a standard billing model to set new limits on how much the telecom behemoths can charge independent Internet providers, (that’s us), who need to access their infrastructure.

That means some independent Internet providers could see “significant reductions” in the wholesale rates they pay to the dominant players like Bell and Telus, whose DSL networks the smaller ISPs use.

Again, that’s us, although we ain’t that small; 300,000 people use our services after all. One of the key words in there is “some,” because the CRTC also ruled that wholesale rates for cable Internet networks will go up. By a lot.

So basically what it all means is this:

  • If you get your Internet via cable, like Rogers customers for example, your Internet bill is about to go up.
  • If you are a customer of an ISP, like say, TekSavvy who offers both cable and DSL, your bill will go up because they are going to have to spread the sting of the cable price hike to all their customers regardless of how they get their Internet.

But if you are our customer, well, we’re going to share in the savings with you. We’re not precisely sure how as of yet as this announcement just came down the pipe, (and we’ll be too busy partying for a while).

But in short order we’ll be letting you know how we’re going to take advantage of this fantastic ruling and how it will impact you,

Again, only if you are a Worldine Unlimited High-Speed Internet customer that is. And if you’re not, after reading this, what the heck are you thinking?

So stay tuned. 2013 is shaping up to be a great year!


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