The Future of Streaming

With the launch of Apple TV and Disney+ on the horizon, what’s the future of streaming look like?

Disney’s D23 Expo took place last month, and alongside the main event was a panel announcing a bunch of new film/television productions, and the entertainment giant’s upcoming streaming service, Disney+.

There is already an astounding amount of streaming services available – more than 300! And that doesn’t even include the launches from media giants like Disney, Apple, Warner Media, and NBC Universal in the months ahead.

It’s undoubtedly a competitive field, and we are living in an age where we have the blessing and curse of too much content – specifically in television. With so much content and so many devices offering streaming subscriptions, it can be hard to pinpoint which device is best for your needs.

So, we’re here to break it down the top streaming devices.


Amazon Fire TV Stick

1Amazon Fire TV StickAmazon Fire TV devices focus heavily on Amazon Prime media, with Amazon Instant Video and Amazon Prime Music built into the menu system. Fire TV has plenty of other services available, like Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube. But, the significant advantage of Fire TV is having all your Prime content right at your fingertips.

For a one-time payment of $50, you can plug the Fire TV Stick into your HDTV and start streaming in minutes.


Roku Premiere

Roku PremiereRoku currently offers thousands of choices in the Roku Channel Store. All the big streaming media names are available, including Amazon Prime, Netflix, Spotify, and Twitch, along with many smaller, niche apps and services for movies, sports, weather, and news.

For a less expensive alternative, the Roku Premiere is a 4K-capable streaming device available for $49.99.



ChromecastGoogle Chromecast is one of the most user-friendly devices available; plug it into a power source, plug it into your TV or sound system, and control everything through your mobile device. There are no remotes, no on-screen interfaces, and no app stores to separately navigate. You connect your Chromecast to your home network and stream whatever you’re watching on your smartphone or tablet.

With Google Chromecast you can watch movies, sports and television shows for the low-cost of $45.


Android TV

Android TVAndroid TV is Google’s dedicated Android-based media streaming system. The Android TV-powered device includes Google Assistant, putting it on the same level as the Fire TV with Alexa and the Apple TV with Siri. Android TV devices are Google Cast compatible, so you can use your smartphone or tablet to stream content to it just as if you had a Chromecast.

For $180, Android TV offers all the movies, shows, games, and music you could ask for!

Ultimately, the right Internet connection paired with any one of these devices is an excellent choice for bringing online content to your TV.

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