Worldline goes to Cottage Country

MuskokaFor years, those from the Centre of the Universe have been making the dreaded 400 Hwy drive every Friday night to hit their Muskoka cottage have always had to deal with another sad reality.

When it came to their cottage phone and Internet most were stuck with having to deal with only one provider, sometimes two. But both are members of “The Big Three”  – meaning both are seriously expensive.

Canada’s Best Value ISP is up and running in Cottage Country

Now, their long Internet nightmare is over, because Worldline, your friendly neighborhood superhero Telco is there to save the day! At the start of August, Worldline began offering full service availability to Huntsville, Port Carling, Bracebridge, Sundridge, Lake of Bays, Algonquin and all places in between. No longer having to suffer the of ignominy of just having to take it, now the weekend warriors and local denizens can, finally, start saving hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars a year on their telecom bills.

The Worldline saves our customers money is, unlike other ISP’s that shall remain nameless, starting from just $29.95/month all of our Internet packages offer Unlimited High Speed Internet at zero additional cost. To go unlimited with the current providers in the Muskoka region, cottagers have to pay a premium for the privilege, and anyone who has kids and knows what it’s like to have a cottage packed with them on a rainy afternoon, unlimited Internet is the only way to go – or risk insanity.

DSLNo more problems with data caps when it comes to Netflix or online gaming, and if you opt for adding on a home phone, our Unlimited Home Phone and Internet Bundles (starting from just $49.95/month) allow for unlimited Canadian long distance calling. No more killer phone bills from calling back home or catching up with friends and family over the summer. And if you want to add a second line just for the kids or a fax, you can from only $2.45/month.

The reason so many Canadians can afford to own a cottage is they are good with their money. Now Worldline allows those in cottage country to be good with their money both home and away.

For more information, please visit or give us a call at 1 (855) 299-0025.

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