Worldline’s VP of Product Development, Mike Brown – The Unsung MVP


Jody, John and Mike Brown AKA Nice Guy

Three friends named Jody Schnarr, John Stix and Mike Brown got together ten years ago and set out to change the Canadian telecommunication industry by starting up their own phone company that is now known as Worldline.

Today more than 300,000 Canadians utilize the services they provide in their homes and their businesses, enjoying the benefits of a high quality service, but at an affordable price.

Jody, as the CEO and technical lead gets a lot of attention, as does John Stix as the CMO and public face of the company. Mike Brown on the other hand has been working in the trenches of the company doing the jobs no else wanted to do since day one. He was the guy who drove across the country installing the first switches for the network, or the voice on the end of the phone when those first customers would call in with an issue with their service.

It’s the little things that matter to Mike like going out of his way to make sure customers are getting the services they are paying for, which apparently includes dropping by their houses and setting up their Internet, home network, Netflix and laptop access.

Like he did on Wednesday night.

From: doug xxxxxxxxxx
Sent: June-19-13 9:19 PM
To: Michael Brown
Subject: Brilliant Customer Service

 HI Mike

Thank you for your amazing customer service

The service has not dropped once since you replaced the modem..

Just the fact that a VP of came to our home to help us, proves that you care about your customers..

Our customer loyalty is now with you & we will now be referring to all our friends & family..

As a suggestion it would be cool if you had a marble mouse with a big marble in it…

Warm regards Doug & Debbie
Thanks again & best wishes for your future endeavours
Hope to see you in the top 100 Canadian companies soon

Unbenounced to all of us, this is something Mike does all the time. He receives copies of all customer service emails, and if someone is close by and he has the time, he’ll take matters into his own hands on his own time.

Most likely every successful company has their own Mike Brown, the go-to-guy who just wants to get stuff done, but Worldline is very lucky to have our own.

Mike Brown – Nice Guy


8 thoughts on “Worldline’s VP of Product Development, Mike Brown – The Unsung MVP

  1. Nice to see Mike getting the recognition he so rightly deserves! This truly is an accurate description as to who he really is and what he believes in!

    • Hi Doug, thank you for your reply. You must be going back to 1996-2000 when I owned The Little Computer Shop Inc. We offered free delivery, setup and training back then. Thanks again for your kind words.

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